Are you #Selfie confident?? #PondsNoFilterSelfie

I am a HUGE Pond’s skin-care fan, I’ve made no secret of it and find that their products are good quality at amazing prices. So imagine my delight when I returned from my over seas holiday to find a box of Pond’s latest products ready to give my very dehydrated skin some loving!

BoxesThe Complete Solution Spot Clear Even Tone Facial Foam has been specifically developed for younger peoples (tweens/ teens) who have battled with acne or spot-prone skin, as we know hormones in our developing years can wreck havoc on our skin so it is great to see Pond’s do their bit to instill confidence in young people. Pond’s seem to be marketing this product just right, with Instagram campaigns, hashtags and more, perfect for young people!

This wonder product has been designed to control oil, clear pimples, reduce redness, blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes, calm the skin all while tightening the pores and brightening the skin. It contains 4 powerful ingredients; Salicylic Acid, Herbal Clay, Scrub Beads and Brightening Essence – these work together to produce clear, calm, clean skin.

Selfie Confident

I’ve been using the facial foam for roughly two weeks now, and let me tell you it is amazing. It’s a thick, almost clay-like consistency with fabulous blue exfoliating pearls. The directions say to wet face, then rub wash between your fingers and apply – the result a super soapy cleansing foam that leaves your skin feeling fresh. The pricing, amazing the smallest (what I like to call ‘trial size’) comes in under R10!! Perfect for you to try out the product before you decide to purchase, the largest size comes in at R50 – there is no breaking the bank with this great quality and quantity of product!!

In my books this is a great buy and I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what other products are introduced in this range! (I’m also slightly convinced that because of the clay base that I could make this into a face mask – I’ll let you know if I find a mix that works!)

Now on to the competition where you could see your #NoFilterSelfie on a billboard!!! To enter simply:

  • Use POND’S complete solution™ spot clear even tone facial foam.
  • Take a selfie.
  • Share your picture on one of the following platforms (Twitter, Instagram or post to the POND’S Facebook page) with #PONDSNOFILTER in the comments or
  • You can also upload to

Ts and Cs apply. Competition running dates: 15 January 2015 – 31 March 2015. For full terms and conditions, log on to

And here’s some more tips from Pond’s to get that Spot-less Selfie;

  1.  RELAX! – Our emotional state is related to all aspects of health, including our skin function. Some studies link stress with the severity of spots. People who are “glowing with health” are those whose skin reflects their state of physical and psychological health. Take some time to relax!
  2. GET THAT GLASS OF WATER! –Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin well hydrated and moist from within.
  3. DIET – One of the most important factors of healthy looking skin – a balanced diet not only impacts on our weight and internal organ function, but also on our mental health. All of these are reflected in our skin condition – poor diet can result in poor skin health, evidenced by dull, flaky skin, tired eyes with dark circles underneath as well as spots.
  4. LESS IS MORE – Use make-up sparingly. During a breakout, avoid wearing any make-up on your skin, even if you only usually apply make-up sparingly. If you do wear make-up, wash it off at the end of the day. If possible, choose a brand that is labelled as “noncomedogenic”, meaning it should not cause spots.
  5. DON’T TOUCH! – Our hands may carry oils and germs that can irritate blemishes and cause additional spots.
  6. RESIST THE URGE TO POP – No matter what they look like, or what weekend plans you have, let your spot go through its own healing process. Squeezing spots can push bacteria into the skin. This often causes additional inflammation and scarring.
  7. BE SKIN SENSIBLE –Before buying or using a product, read the ingredients list. Get to know your skin and what works for it. When suffering with spots, choose products that are skin sensitive. This will help to prevent additional breakouts.
  8. A HAIR FREE FACE IS A CARE FREE FACE! – Pull any hair away from your face so that it doesn’t irritate your skin. Remember, hair contains oils and residue from hair products that can block your pores and cause breakouts.
  9. PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN – Protect your facial skin when you know that you will be in direct sunlight. UV rays put you at risk for skin cancer, dark spots and wrinkles. Keep your skin safe by wearing a good sunscreen, hat and sunglasses when outdoors.
  10. GET A ROUTINE! – Clean your face twice a day with POND’S complete solution™ spot clear even tone facial foam.


To keep your skin looking fresh and radiant, use your facial foam twice daily: In the morning to start the day looking and feeling your best.At the end of the day to ensure that your face is free from dirt, oil and impurities before you sleep.





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