National Fresh Breath Week 2015

Whew! I can’t even believe the last time I properly blogged… like an actual post and not a holiday greeting was nearly two months ago! Shock horror! Life has just been too hectic and I really must apologize, but now I’m back, in South Africa, in good health and back to blogging, so lets start with National Fresh Breath Week!


The 2nd till the 9th of February should have a place in all our calendars. Why? Well not only is it the week before Valentines Day but it is also National Fresh Breath Week. (good timing right!)

“Whilst dental professionals recommend cleaning in-between the teeth on a daily basis, the vast majority of South Africans don’t floss regularly, indeed many don’t floss at all. With the wide variety of interdental tools now available – from Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks, to tiny interdental brushes and Easy Flossers – there should be one to suit every mouth and lifestyle.”

I was sent a box crammed full of interdental GUM/Sunstar goodies, from toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth wash, an automatic flosser (I cannot wait to try this out!), flossing picks, travel picks, plague tablets and more! As I mentioned I am super excited to try out the automatic flosser, because I hate flossing… it’s uncomfortable and time consuming and floss just plain irritates me as it never cuts properly, your not sure how much you should be using and lets face it the majority of those flosser seem to last forever!

Anyway, we only get one set of teeth (okay, two including our baby teeth) and one mouth, and that can be a stinky and dirty place if you don’t take care of it. We all know that we should be brushing twice a day, flossing and mouth-washing but seriously how many of us follow this routine every time we brush? I don’t – as I’ve said flossing hurts, but I always try to brush my teeth for the allocated 2 minutes (with my Fitbit I’ve started walking around the house while I’m brushing my teeth so as to get more steps in and not waste time). With this box of goodies I have to admit, I’ve tried some of the dental picks – some are amazing whereas some of them won’t fit between my teeth, the toothpaste (a gooey, gorgeous gel one), the wonderful mouth wash (without alcohol so it doesn’t burn your mouth), the tongue scraper – I NEVER ever thought that I would like something like this, I’m fascinated by this!!

I’m hoping with these products that I start to care a bit more about my dental health, tonight I’m going to try some of the plague exposing coloring tablets, keep brushing, flossing and gargling through the week and then on Friday try another one and see if there’s any change. What are your tricks and tips to great dental health??


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