Mani Monday: Galaxy Nails

I tried to do an awesome pastel floral mani last week but after my nails chipped literally after two days wear, without me having taken photos I knew I couldn’t post that – so I will have to redo it sometime and show you. Instead this week I decided to try something that literally makes me go all soppy inside, galaxy nails, have a look below at some of the amazing pictures that come up when you search this in Google.

Google Galaxy nailsThis image just makes me happy

I’m in no way as talented as some of these people but I thought I would give it a try and I’m pretty impressed with how the look came out.


I’m surprised how easily this mani came to be, the polish all seemed to dry really quickly and there was no problems adding layer upon layer of polish to this look. I used the following polished:

  • Essence: Slate Grey/Silver Magnetic polish
  • MOD: Royal blue slight jelly shimmer polish
  • OPI: ‘The Bikini Zone’ from the Brazil collection
  • LA Girl: Matte White
  • Ice Box Colors: Glitter/Shimmer Top coat
  • Essence: 101 Dalmatians Glitter polish
  • Essence: Circus Confetti Glitter polish
  • Seche Vite Top Coat

IMG_7860_editCan you tell that I got tired of trying to pick out the white pieces of glitter? My Galaxy Nails Mani.

I base coated, then added a thin coat of the Essence Magnetic nails polish that seemed to take seconds to dry so I used the M.O.D blue color in a very thin coat to give the blue-ish tint, there after it was another thin coat of OPI ‘The Bikini Zone’ from the Brazil collection. I then took a make up sponge, snipped a bit off the front of it and dipped it in the LA Girl white Matte polish, dabbing this on the nail to give it the ‘cloud’ effect, I then did the same process with the Ice Box colors Glitter/ Shimmer Top Coat, and after that I placed my white ‘stars’ on the nails using the Essence 101 Dalmatians Glitter polish. For my right hand I decided to try the look but with the Essence Circus Confetti – I decided that it was okay if I had some colored pieces of glitter as these could ‘masquerade’ as satellites, planets and space-crafts :).

I much prefer the left hand with the white ‘stars’ over the metallic ‘stars, what do you think?? All in all this was a really simple, very quick mani to do, the polish even dried way way quicker than expected. If you’ve always wanted to try but you’ve been too nervous, please give it a try and be sure to show me!!

IMG_7858I feel like my thumb came out in the best design.


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