The Oyster Box Spa

So if you read my post earlier last week you will know that I was treated to Mio Skincare’s Get Waisted treatment at The Oyster Box Spa. Now for those of you who are not from Durban, you may not know the famous Oyster Box, their High Teas are fit for Buckingham Palace, the grounds our immaculately manicured, they entertain presidents, royalty and the rich and famous and at a price you can also take part in that too.


SpaThe Reception area, through the door on the left is the ladies change room.

Let me fill you in on some of the ‘behind the scenes’ of my treatments day…

After checking in, I was given my locker key and sent off to change… I donned my robe and the it was off to the complimentary snack bar on the second level. As I hadn’t had lunch and I was in a spa AND going for a slimming treatment I figured that it was only right to choose the Carrot Cake – right?? And of course it was delish. Once I had finished snacking Tressann, my therapist accompanied me to my treatment room aptly named the amethyst room. It was beautiful!

IMG_7674The snack bar area – this was after my treatment when there was no carrot cake left 😦

I was pampered the entire time through my treatment and Tressann was super attentive, setting the aircon to the perfect temperature, ensuring the music was too my liking and ensuring I was comfortable throughout the session time. This last part can be quiet tricky when the plastic that will be used to wrap you up suddenly starts sticking to you worse than polystyrene to a kitten! Thankfully we wrestled it into it’s proper position! But not without a few giggles first.

SpaOne of the dual bedded rooms, Bath treatments, couples massages and more!

Once the treatment had finished and I felt like I was walking on a cloud, Tressan gave me a spa tour. The First floor is the Reception, Fitness Center (for Hotel guests) and the change rooms. The second floor is made up of the complimentary snack bar, a waiting area and some of the 6 treatment rooms, the treatment rooms are single or double bedded, some are fitted with dual baths for the bathing rituals on offer as well as fitted with the sublime waterfall showers. The third floor is made up of the Plunge pool aka jacuzzi, the tranquility room filled with loungers, green tea, and books so that you are able to whittle away your time in the peaceful tranquility that it exudes. The Hammam is also on the third floor – and this looks incredibly interesting. A Turkish styled steam room with showers and steam galore, just outside the Hammam room are two large flat heated slabs which are used for the massage beds during the Durban Hammam.

Spa - HammamThe Hammam, a sauna/ steam batch experience unlike any other.

I decided to spend a little extra time in the spa, after my tour I went downstairs to change into my costume so that I could relax in the plunge pool over looking the grounds. The Plunge Pool is heated to bod temperature, no lower or higher, and is a bubbly paradise to relax in. Once I had had my relaxing dip in the plunge pool I dried off with one of the fluffy white towels lying in abundance through out the venue, donned my robe and headed for the tranquility lounge. I grabbed a magazine, a bottle of sparkling water and pulled the curtains ready to cuddle in for a quick nap!

IMG_7671My pod in the tranquility room (sorry for the terrible photo!)

Once I had gotten bored of the tranquility (I’m sorry, I need constant entertainment! I can’t even suntan because it’s too boring just lying down!) I headed back down to the complimentary snack bar to see if there was another piece of that yummy yummy carrot cake. It was all finished 😦 but I happily snacked on some fresh fruit, some more sparkling water and some nuts before heading down for my shower.

The bathrooms are pure luxury, if you have possibly forgotten an item, they have it there. I hadn’t planned on washing my hair but I couldn’t resist sticking my entire body underneath the Rainfall shower and so I gladly used the complimentary ‘B Africa’ products to re-wash my hair (after it’s morning wash).

SpaThe Plunge pool – side note: How amazing are those walls!!

Basically if you are looking for a wonderful, relaxing, value for money Spa Experience then The Oyster Box Spa is for you. Contact the spa on 031 514 5072 or now if I’ve gone missing and you don’t know where to start looking… Start at the Spa.         Ocean Pool



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