My Handy Hair Tips #2


I started this series last time with tip number 1… The Double Rinse. Did anyone happen to try double rinsing since I last posted?? What did you think?? If not have a read and let me know what you think about the idea of ‘Lather, Rinse, Repeat.’

On to todays tip… and this is one that I am or should I say was, so guilty of before I started double rinsing. You are most likely using too much product in your hair.

Now, don’t worry, everyone does it- but keep in mind that more shampoo doesn’t mean your hair is cleaner, it just means your using more product.I remember when I first started reading popular magazines and I read that the correct amount of shampoo to use on your hair is a circle of  2 1/2cm or just smaller than a R5 coin. Yip, that’s it.

Now how may of us use double, sometimes triple that thinking that the more product I use the easier it will be to get my hair clean, or the more I use the quicker it will be to clean! Well, not true. Think about when you are washing dishes, some people are able to wash a sink-full of dishes with two drops of washing up liquid, I have never met these people but I have been told they exist, on the other hand, I feel that the water needs to have a slight green tinge to it before I can justify washing my dishes – so here’s the thing, both of these methods wash the dishes but one uses more product than the other, it doesn’t make it more clean! It’s the same as with shampoo.

If you are using the correct amount of shampoo and doing a double wash you will find that you’re using LESS product that in ‘big’ single wash. Your hair, your scalp and your wallet will thank you for that. To help me to stick to the correct amount of shampoo to use I like to decant my shampoo and conditioners into a pump bottle – this way I can use a specific amount of product and it doesn’t go to waste.I also listen to the magazines that say… “Shampoo the roots, condition the ends.” My ends although not neglected do not need direct contact with the shampoo they can be cleaned using the lather and bubbles that I create, also on this point your roots don’t need conditioner your ends do – so be sure to use the product where it is meant to be used.

Ok, so that’s it for this weeks tip… What are your thoughts? Are you using too much product?


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