I don’t want to grow up…

So… I’ve made it no secret that I still live at home with my folks, I love it and it’s been a real help to me (and I hope that it has been to them as well)… Well the ‘rents went away for a few days and so I was left holding down the fort… with some help from my brother too… and so this is where the story begins…

On Sunday night my brother decided he wasn’t going to stay over that night and that I could fend for myself. So I decided to stay in my parents room and keep the door open – if you have animals you know that this is a big no-no… but my brother had done it and had no problems with the animals (but then again they don’t really like him). All went fine before bed time – unless you count the swarm of flying ants scaring our little dog Roxy so much that she thought her new home was inside the house and not outside… anyway we I tucked her in the inside courtyard in her little doggy bed (which was originally a cats bed that they refused to sleep on), locked up and went to bed.

Petra, one of the cats, paid me a visit in the bedroom as I went to bed but unfortunately there was no time for evening cuddles and she went to sleep in the lounge. I had a bit of a broken night sleep with the rain but nothing too hectic, until my body decided to wake me up at 4am… yip, 4 am – stupid body clock. So I decided I would attempt to slowly wake up and take on Monday… Petra had other plans… She came for a visit but wouldn’t snuggle and head butted me a whole bunch. Next minute she peed on the bed… yip, pee. Now if you have ever had an animal pee on a bed or lounge suit or the like you will know that all of their insides basically comprise of urine because they literally pee more than their body mass, so this was an incredibly large pee… on the parents bed… of which the duvet inner was new and never peed on… #notimpressed!

So at 4am I was doing laundry, washing the duvet in the bath, cleaning the carpet, trying to find the vinegar and letting Roxy out of the courtyard – yip the sun hadn’t even come up and my adrenaline was already pumping. So that was the start to a very long monday.

Then Tuesday aka yesterday… I got home, walked into the lounge and saw ‘ick’ on the floor…. thank goodness there was still newspaper lying around. Thankfully I had planned to wash the floors as the parents were returning today – so the entire house got spring cleaned. I cleaned that up and decided to carry on with the rest of the house cleaning, feeding of animal (although only half portions because someone was sick), and the rest. There after I was sitting in the lounge Twittering and watching TV when Petra jumps up and rushes to the dining room.

There’s not really anything unusual about that as Petra sometimes gets a ‘flea’ in her fur and tears around the house like she’s had catnip. So eventually I start to hear all sorts of noises coming from the dining room – so I go to have a look, she had knocked over some books on a coffee table and I thought perhaps she’s found a gheko but there was nothing to be seen. This happened three times, I either poked my head in to check on her or I went through to the kitchen to do something and each time I checked and there was nothing there, and she would meow at me like I was doing something weird.

Eventually I went back to the lounge and thought I’ll sneak up on her and check to see what she’s doing…so a few minutes later I jumped up and quickly poked my head around the corner only to find her playing with a teeny tiny mouse!!!

Yip, a mouse – goodness knows how long this ‘vermin’ was in the house for, but it promptly ran away and hid in between the panes of the window/door and the Trellidoor. So great, I now had to get this animal out of the house (rats and snakes are my dads job so…. eeekkk!!!) so I do what any self respecting 28 year old does… I message my mom asking “How do I get a mouse out of the dining room??”. She replied back telling me to hit it over the head – but believe me I couldn’t get close to its head. So I opened our dining room doors and hoped the cat would take the hint and grab it and go but she didn’t. The poor little mouse was stuck in the tiniest of gaps between the Trellidoor and the door frame and was shuddering in the corner, thankfully Petra did eventually play with it and move it from that side of the door frame to the other – where I could more readily try shoo it out.

After it moved I stealthily opened the Trellidoor, praying the entire time that the mouse wouldn’t get a fright and ran into the crevice again – or even worse to me. I then grabbed the keys and thought I’ll poke it while I hold a magazine by the crevice as then I can shoo it with the magazine – well that didn’t work. The next obvious alternative was to pick it up by it’s teeny tiny spaghetti strand tail and throw it over the balcony – but I didn’t want to be bitten by it. So eventually I decide to grab the yellow dish washing gloves… I popped one on in the kitchen after telling Petra not to eat the mouse – yes, she sat by allowing me to rescue the mouse and not attacking me to eat it!

I then decided that with the gloves on I would never be able to grab this little things tail – so my only option is to grab the whole mouse. I had to work up a lot of courage for this and eventually I did it. I then ran out the door and thought “Hang on… I need to take a picture of this” So I used my phone (still in my left hand through all this) and take a photo of this mouse chilling in my yellow gloved hand. I decided to put the mouse on the top of one of the trees that is in line with our deck area – I then thought “What about it’s little ratty family, It may die trying to get down from there and then we could have swarms of mousey vengeance.” So I grappled with myself and grabbed it out of the tree, ran across the deck, opened the gate, ran down the stairs across our pool and deposited said mouse on the lawn with a shrill “Go away and don’t let the cats eat you.”

Whew! I ran back upstairs to close the doors and windows so that ‘if’ the cats caught it again they couldn’t try to eat it inside. Petra promptly went outside and i slammed all doors, closed the windows and bleached my glove. After about 1/2 an hour I decided that it was safe and I could open up, only to have a sulky Petra come in and stay underneath the table because she still didn’t know what happened to her meal. Photo evidence has been posted to my Instagram (@Jane10net)

Well, if this has taught me anything it’s that there is absolutely no way that I’m ready to have my own house, with animals without a husband-y person around to do all these kind of things… oh and never let a cat play without checking on it.


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