Mio Skin Care: Get Waisted

I was very lucky to be asked to try out the Mio Skincare’s Get Waisted treatment, now the first thing you need to know about me is… I don’t like people touching my tummy partially because I have a tummy, and partly because my brother spent years irritating me by placing his hand on my tummy any chance he got. Believe me, It’s irritating, so to try and step out of my comfort zone I decided to try the Get Waisted treatment, a tummy sculpting session that will leave you feeling slimmer, toned and less bloated.  I was thoroughly spoilt because I was privileged enough to be treated to this treatment in The Oyster Box’s Spa… I mean seriously, this spa is world class luxury and I got to whittle away here during a half day off work – sheer relaxation!

DestinationThis is how relaxed I felt after my treatment.

If you haven’t heard of Mio Skincare then you and I were in the same boat. Up until about two years ago I hadn’t really heard of Mio Skincare, and I certainly hadn’t been able to have one of their luxurious treatments because had I had a treatment back then I would never have forgotten their name! According to Trissann, who did my amazing treatment Mio has been in South Africa for roughly 5 years, they have recently been through a re-branding which is also why some people haven’t heard of their treatments, Get Waisted was previously called ‘Boot Camp’ – this name rung a few bells in my head.

So Mio Skincare has this to say about their treatments:

Our high intensity, high energy body treatments, target the key concerns of women – cellulite, tummies, bust and upper arm wobble –but these are no ordinary spa treatments. Each Mio High Intensity Treatment will make a visible lasting difference – lifting, tightening, sculpting, increasing firmness and smoothness in all trouble spots.

And this to say about Get Waisted:

If excersize and diet alone are not giving you the firm, taut tum you want, you need to Get Waisted. In less than an hour your tummy will feel slimmer, tighter, more toned and less bloated. Powerful actives will increase the energy within your skin and our special Mio massage techniques will firm and resculpt reducing wobble and love handles.

Mio-girlSo on to my treatment day… Thankfully I thought to book my monthly half day off for this great treatment and honestly I thought that I would be in the spa for perhaps an hour and a half, I also thought that the treatment only deals with your tummy… Boy was I wrong!! My appointment was booked for 1pm, which left me plenty of time to get from Westville to Umhlanga (and I even had a few moments to shop!). I arrived at The Oyster Box, checked in at the boom and was told to go Straight and then take a left… well, the left turn would have taken me in to a parked car so I figured I would turn right. Up two ramps I went to get a parking and then down the elevator to the ground floor aka Spa Level. I then reached the Spa door, pressed the buzzer and was slightly confused when I nearly walked in to the mens change rooms. I had come in the back entrance – rest assured I was told some people do use this entrance. (Whew!)

After checking in, I was given my locker key and sent off to change… I donned my robe and the it was off to the complimentary snack bar on the second level. I was welcomed with a ‘welcoming foot cleansing ritual,’ I dipped my feet into the water infused with essential oils and told to choose a stone to represent how I wanted to feel once the treatment happened. My options were ‘ B Grateful’, ‘B Relaxed’ and ‘B Loved’ as work and life have been rather stressful I decided to choose ‘B Relaxed.’ But I also knew that no matter which stone I had chosen the likely-hood of me feeling that emotion would be incredibly high. I warned Tressann about my intolerance of tummy touching and she set my mind at ease that this would be one relaxing and fantastic treatment. Once my feet were cleansed I was told to lie on the bed with the bolster under my knees, my feet were placed in heated booties and believe me the relaxing had begun.

SpaThe gorgeous reception area at The Oyster Box Spa

I’m quite chatty during the treatment and Tressann was great, chatting with me when I had my chatty moments and keeping silent while I was quiet and relaxing. Tressann also explained exactly what she was doing at each point and the benefits of each step, and in all honestly I should have recorded her because this is a very detailed treatment.

The treatment starts with a cleanse and exfoliation using Mio’s signature ‘Triple Buff’ product which contains pumice and micro volcanic lava (all perfectly rounded so as not to cause micro-cuts on your skin), it also contains Glycolic Acid and pineapple and papaya enzymes. At this point of the treatment I was still a little squeamish of the fact that someone other than myself was touching my tummy, but during the application I started to relax more and more.

The ‘Triple Buff’ was removed with warm toweling gloves and afterwards the ‘Get Waisted’ product was massaged into my stomach, side, and nearly around my spine! (literally this massage is not just your tummy, be prepared for most of your abdominal section to feel the ‘Get Waisted’ love.) The massage stimulates your colon, it increases your circulation, assists in lymph drainage and aids in the breakdown of toxins. Tressann mentioned that cellulite is often forgotten about when it comes to massages (if I don’t acknowledge it – it’s not there… right??) and because of the make up of fat cells the blood doesn’t flow through to the skin as easily in heavily celulite areas – by massaging these areas you increase the blood flow which can help with the suppleness of skin as well as the ‘breaking down’ of these fatty cells.

So I was oiled, gelled and creamed into a state of relaxation and then… along came the ‘Get Waisted Alginate Rubberising Mask‘ and this was probably the most fun in the whole treatement – or at least removing it was. Tressann applied the mask on my tummy, from panty line to the bra line (this is serious tummy business), before she applied she made sure that I was not alergic to any sea-related ingredients as the mask uses the wonders of the ocean (and more) to slim, tighten, detoxify and tone the skin. The mask is applied over the other ‘Get Waisted’ products so that it can literally push the goodness into your layers of skin.

Tresssan wrapped me in plastic and warned me that the mask may start to tingle and heat up slightly – I didn’t really experience this. The mask was left on for about 15 -20 minutes (I think, time was such a blur I thought I had been in the treatment for the full day!!) and while the mask was on my tummy, Tressann got busy doing a lymph drainage massage on my arms. This although slightly painful at times was so relaxing, I lay covered in plastic with a heated neck cushion and an eye mask over my eyes enjoying every moment of it.

When Tressann was ready to remove the mask she asked me if I wanted to have a peak first… Hell Yeah! This mask literally rubberizes and I thought that I could walk out with it still on and give people the hebbie jeebies! Tressan removed the mask pretty much in one go, a quick lift under each side and *pop* off it came (even the part that was in my belly button!).

After popping off the mask I was smothered in another layer of ‘Skin Tight’ which helps to remove dead skin cells, even out pigmentaion, and fight against aging. My skin felt firm, fab and ready to take on the rest of the afternoon. The session was finished off with an application of the famous ‘Boob Tube’ bust cream which keeps delicate skin toned, bright and wrinkly free with super sag protection – like hello can we just bathe in this please 🙂

I left my treatment feeling like I had woken up in paradise, I messaged my mother saying that if I ever went missing they could find me hidden away in a crevice as the Oyster Box with a ‘Get Waisted’ treatment in progress. Surely something that feels that good should not be legal!! Well, I’m glad that it is.

IMG_7678Mio Skincare products on offer

A huge thank you to Mio Skincare, Poise Brands, Danielle, and The Oyster Box Spa for having me! Oh and p.s. Both Tressan and Jackie (the Head lady at The Oyster Box) both said that ‘Get Waisted’ is one of the most fantastic treatments – if they say it as professionals, it must be true 🙂 ) By the way… I strictly stick to the no camera’s in the spa rule, so I’m sorry this post doesn’t have many pictures.


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