My Handy Hair Tips #1

BEAUTY2Ok, so I though I would share a little of what I do with hair, nails, face etc. and share a few tips that have benefited me. I’m going to start with hair as these posts have needed to be written for a while… I’ve colored my hair in one way or another since I was 10 years old, I got into massive trouble when I was in Grade 6 (Std 4) because the Deputy Principal noticed that I had highlights and gave me detention – When the Head Principal saw me he told me my hair looked nice… Ja… I was pretty bummed about that. I’ve been pretty much every color in the book, black, blue-black, aubergine, fire engine red, blonde, brown, and more – in fact the only color I haven’t really gone is Candy floss Pink – which I would love to try!!

I’ve also been every single length of hair you can imagine – except bald. I have had long hair (currently), I’ve done medium length, layered bob, asymetrical bob, Reese Witherspoons’ ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ short spikey (Remember this one), I’ve had Short Bobs, Long Bob, and then a tragic haircut which I cried for days about. 3560988_640px

Because I’ve played with my hair a lot, I try to take good care of it. My last full head of highlights ended in horrific damage which the hairdresser blamed on me – long story short I found a new hairdresser. My new hairdresser literally took a mess and made it magnificent. I could literally not brush or comb my hair, I tried everything, conditioner, treatments, oils and more. Eventually I tried Dove Intensive Care – Life Saver!! I could brush my hair – a miracle. I then bought a Tangle Teezer – another Life Saver. Then I visited the new hairdresser, she did a few light foils in my hair and turned my regrowth into hombre. She also gave me a great layered do and an undercut with tribal zigzag in the shave.

It was this hairdresser who reiterated something that all shampoo bottles tell you…”Lather, Rinse, Repeat.” You are meant to do a double wash with shampoo before you condition, this acts almost like a primer. You wash all the oils, products, dirt and grime away in the first wash and then in the second wash your product can truly work on your hair.

Now, I know that no one really listens to their shampoo bottle, I in fact for years didn’t do a double wash but after double washing for a year I don’t plan on changing. I’ve noticed three difference when I double wash:

  1. My first wash with shampoo doesn’t lather 100% to my liking. It’s almost as if the shampoo doesn’t spread 100% through the hair and so it doesn’t create a foam like cloud throughout my hair. This makes sense when you think that this is your first cleanse – it is specifically getting the top layers of dirt off.
  2. My second wash is a fuller lather, I’m talking this foam could put a ’90’s foam party to shame. My hair feels lighter after this step and I can can feel the difference in my hair, in the lather, and in the ability to move my hair while it is foamy. My hair is much easier to scrunch and massage the shampoo into my scalp and roots.
  3. Contrary to what you would believe I don’t use as much product as what I do when I do a single wash! And my shampoo and conditioner last the same amount of time – the reason why is because you are given slightly more shampoo than conditioner so that you can do the double wash.

What do you think about doing a double wash? Have you ever tried it??



4 thoughts on “My Handy Hair Tips #1

  1. Double wash works great, I do it all the time. But I do use different products i JUST bought, I actually posted a blog on that If you want to check it out. Other than what I use now for my hair(Monat Hair Products) I’ve always loved using dove. Great choice.

    • Thanks so much for the comment! Wow, it sounds like those Monat Hair Products should be renamed ‘Liquid Gold’!!
      I love my double washing routine… it makes more sense the more I’ve done it.
      XX Thanks again for the comment

    • I have to agree… people sound SO shocked when they hear I do a double wash, but if you think about it when you go to a hair salon they double wash, condition once. πŸ™‚ We’re just following in the footsteps of the Pro’s! πŸ˜€

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