Mani Monday: Nude Leopard Print

So… I’m going to be 100% brutally honest. I haven’t done a Mani Monday post in a few weeks because… I don’t want to buy more nail polish remover because I’m pretty convinced that it is wrecking havoc on my nails. In fact I threw away a 2/3rds full bottle because of this – I think the brands that I have been using have pulled all the moisture out of my nails and are causing them to split horizontally across the tip.

Okay, now that my confession is out let me share with you one of the last mani’s I have done… a nude (ish) leopard print. I found this picture online (I’m not sure where – I’m so sorry if you know who it belongs to please comment below so that I can link back), I loved that the Leopard print was not ‘obvious’ or ‘obnoxious’ it looked natural and easy enough to suit anyone – a big plus in my book.

image3My inspiration

   I used a cheap nude MOD polish that I bought from Dischem, I did about 4 coats of this to try to rid most of the ‘nail line’ unfortunately this didn’t work 100% but I didn’t want my nails to look a specific color but rater a light natural nude. There after I used a dotting tool to do a brown dot in random sporadic areas on the nail, I then used a toothpick to do the Leopard C’s and spots. Thinking that the brown didn’t look 100% correctly I used Catrice’s Goldfinger to add a little zazzle… And viola this was the end result – I’m sorry for the terrible photos!!!

image4 image5So what do you think?? Do you think that you would be able to wear this look??


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