Every beauties dream is to have bundles and bundles of brushes… and it’s exceptionally dreamy if you have so many that you don’t need to clean them, you simply throw them away! 😉

So most of use will never live that dream, in fact the majority of us are not even 100% sure what makes a good brush, never mind own a good brush. I’m really looking forward to the end of the year as I’m going overseas and have plans to bankrupt myself getting a tonne of brush from Real Techniques – yes the gorgeous brush created by Sam and Nic from Pixiewoo.

I’ve been wanting the brushes for ages and so have been looking through numerous blog posts on which are the best brushes to get and then the girls at Smudged Beauty wrote this post and that really cemented my need want. Then a few nights ago I was up for ages looking at Pixiwoo Youtube tutorials (Nic’s Halloween makeup Chucky left me flabberghasted!) and I saw a video of Sam and Nic talking about their brushes… Have a watch here…


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