Mani Monday: Baby Flowers

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get a Mani-Monday post in last few weeks, as mentioned life has been hectic and so there just was not time even though my nails had been painted and my post was half planned.

A while ago Laura-Jane from Whimsy Is Forever (who I am constantly blog stalking) posted a photo on IG of stunning rose nails, they are/ were so pretty! (Oh and how perfect are those polka dots?? #perfection) So Laura-Jane’s post really inspired me and I knew I wanted to try these flowers…image7-1

I firstly painted my nails in Caterice’s ‘Make Fast at Tiffanys’ from the Créme Fresh Trend Edition. I did two coats and left that over night because I wanted it to be completely dry when I tried the roses. So the next night I took my big dotting tool (a pack courtesy of my last spend at Born Pretty Store) and Tiptops best selling pink ‘Melting Marshmallow’ (one of the most amazing pastel pink colors) and did some large polka dots. I didn’t really mind if they weren’t completely circular as this would just add to the flower effect.


I then took a tooth-pick and another polish, Yardley’s Quick Dry polish in ‘Glamazon’ and added some ‘petals’, the petals consisted of squiggles around and into the lighter pink to look like petals. I found that a swirl into the flower looked the best. If you want to now is the time to take an even lighter color and add some lighter effects to the flower.

Then to finish the flower off I added a few ‘petals’ using Sinful Colors ‘Pistache’ and a toothpick. I tried to create little ‘triangles’ to replicate actual petals. I then top coated and stared at my nails for the next week!!! They looked so pretty, and I’m so proud of myself – in a humble way, of course. I actually couldn’t believe how easy it was to do this mani- so expect to see some more nail art in the next while…


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