Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year

Whew! I hoped I hadn’t missed the deadline for this, this is honestly too cute not to share. I love animals, I’ve said it time and again, there is nothing as sweet as puppy or kitten breath or as sour as fur balls… On to the Hills Pet Slimmer of the Year.?????????????

You know how we humans are about loosing weight/ being healthy, well we should be that way with our animals too. If my cat Tilly (the rat and bat catcher) gets a little too tubby around the middle (which seems to be all the time) we make sure that we aren’t over feeding her, we put Petra’s food away and we try limit her intact of wild ghekos, bats, rats and other wonderful creatures… well we chase her away with them so that she at least has to run off the extra calories ;P

Hills have had a competition to find the animal (cat or dog) who has earned the title ‘Slimmer of the Year’ and believe me there are some cuties… and only one cat.

Please make your way to the site and cast your vote for the furry friend whom you think is deserving of the title… Here is the site.



Looking for weight-loss inspiration? Check out the ten once-podgy pets on www.petslimmer.co.za website. From 1 to 22 October you can vote for the cat or dog you think is most deserving of the coveted 2014 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year title.

The featured finalists’ weight loss stories and before and after photos demonstrate how losing excess weight has transformed their lives for the better.  Each one successfully reached their target weight thanks to a special Hill’s weight loss food and ‘pet slimmer’ programme run by over 350 veterinary clinics around South Africa and Namibia.

The finalist with the highest number of votes at midday on 22 October will become the 2014 Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year and the top five will each receive R5, 000.

Every pet that reaches their goal weight ‘wins’. Studies have conclusively shown that overweight pets are at higher risk of diabetes, complications during surgery, joint and mobility problems and breathing difficulties.  According to research, the lifespan of an overweight pet is shortened by approximately two years*.


The Top Ten – Hill’s Pet Slimmer 2014

  •  Belina Tregoning-Trolese, an English Bulldog from Blouberg, Cape Town, lost 5.8kgs (22% of bodyweight), going from 25.8kgs to 20kgs under the care of Ixia Street Animal Hospital.
  • Binkie Bond, a Pug from Port Elizabeth, lost 4.5kgs (28% of bodyweight), going from 16kgs to 11.5kgs under the care of 9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic.
  • Candy Botes, a Miniature Pinscher from Centurion, Pretoria, lost 1.2kgs (34% of bodyweight), going from 3.55kgs to 2.35kgs under the care of Zwartkop Animal Clinic.
  • Captain Haddock Magdalena-Gomez, a Labrador Retriever from Swakopmund, Namibia, lost 15.1kgs (30% of bodyweight), going from 50kgs to 34.9kgs under the care of Swakop Veterinary Clinic.
  • Chubby van der Linde, a Jack Russell from Gordon’s Bay, Cape Town, lost 4.5kgs (38% of bodyweight), going from 12kgs to 7.5kgs under the care of The Cottage Veterinary Hospital.
  • Halo Pillay, a Rottweiler from Edenvale, Johannesburg, lost 20.5kgs (33% of bodyweight), going from 63kgs to 42.5kgs under the care of St Francis Veterinary Hospital.
  • Kara Baines, a mixed breed from Wynberg, Cape Town, lost 15.3kgs (40% of bodyweight), going from 38.15kgs to 22.85kgs under the care of Peninsula Veterinary Hospital.
  • Kodi Keevill, a Cocker Spaniel from Howick, Kwa-Zulu Natal, lost 7.3kgs (32% of bodyweight), going from 22.5kgs to 15.2kgs under the care of Howick Small Animal Clinic.
  • Marley Dunn, a Labrador Retriever from Brooklyn, Cape Town, lost 22.8kgs (41% of bodyweight), going from 55kgs to 32.2kgs under the care of Rondebosch Veterinary Hospital.
  • Missy Groeneveld, a cat from Centurion, Pretoria, lost 3.91kgs (43% of bodyweight), going from 9.2kgs to 5.29kgs under the care of Zwartkop Animal Clinic.

Vote for your favourite #petslimmer or use the online tools to see if your own pet is a healthy size on www.petslimmer.co.za.



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