Domino’s Pizza in South Africa

Pizza Lovers of the World… EAT…

I have good, supremely awesome, tummy hugging news… Domino’s Pizza is coming to South Africa and NOT just the two other cities… Durban… you are on the list… In fact by the posters I have seen in Westville, one should be arriving near me soon… In the mean time however be sure to enter their comeptition to win a YEARS supply of PIZZA!!


Like most successful business stories, Domino’s Pizza started out small – with just one store in 1960 in Michigan USA. Today, Domino’s Pizza is enjoyed in more than 70 countries with over 11 000 outlets.

South Africa now adds to that list with 6 new exciting stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – with the goal to open many more.

Domino’s Pizza, recognized as the pizza delivery experts, brings fresh hand-tossed pizza right to your door in 30 minutes, a first for South Africa.

But pizza delivery isn’t all that Domino’s Pizza can offer you – pop in store to witness the freshness of our hand-tossed pizza being made right in front of your eyes, along with the sounds and delicious aroma of a friendly local pizzeria.


Be sure to head on over to the website and try to predict where you think Domino’s will be opening…


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