[Event] G-Star RAW Store Opening

So, I’m far from the most fashion conscious cat on the block… I stick to what I like, Brands I know make good quality clothing in shapes and sizes that fit and flatter me. Most days you will find me in a pair of skinny jeans and some type of top, be it a blouse, vest, t-shirt or smart shirt with takkies or pumps, and so because of this I knew that I couldn’t pass up the opening of G-Star RAW at Gateway. It was a great event and even better because my dearest friends were there so we were able to chat, hang, eat and have fun!!

IMG_4187    The beautiful Gateway store

What is G-Star RAW?? A great Fashion label with a focus on denim, they have been rapidly launching stand alone, department store corners and online stores in South Africa. The brand collaborates with some amazing peeps, for example #Rawfortheoceans is a collaboration with Parley, Bionic Yarn and Pharrell – yip, you read that right, Pharrell the awesome, never aging, musical, producer, entrepreneur extraordinaire is a collaborator on this line.

Untitled design After meeting in Berlin we united our vision to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, setting a wave in motion towards denim innovation…

RAW for the Oceans is a collaborative project that takes plastic from the world’s oceans and transforms it into innovative denim and apparel.

Yes, you totally read that right… they take plastic from the world’s oceans and transform it into fashion… Now I was bought up the type of person who doesn’t litter (my parents hate litter and find it pretty repulsing), I don’t appreciate litter, and I think we have a very large litter-bug problem. It seems that people have forgotten about picking up after oneself and when this happens somewhere like the beach, it can lead to detrimental consequences whether it be animals being hurt or harmed by our waste, or the current problem where there are actually ‘islands‘ in the oceans made up of litter – yes, Islands.

This is a pretty interesting process and in truth it seems ‘relatively’ simple and I hope that we can look forward to more brands being so socially and Eco-friendly as G-Star


The process of making the world’s first denim from recycled ocean plastic, explained from Step One

STEP 1: OUT OF THE OCEAN. Plastic pollution is first retreived from our oceans, and with 700 million tonnes of it out there, there is plenty to work with.

STEP 2: PIECED IN PREPARATION. The retrieved ocean plastic is broken down into chips and then shredded to fibres, ready to be spun into yarn.

STEP 3: SPINNING THE YARN. Ocean plastic fibres are spun into strong core yarn and then helixed with cotton, making Bionic®  yarn.

STEP 4: WEAVING AND KNITTING. The innovation is complete with the weaving or knitting of Bionic®  yarn into RAW for the Oceans fabrics.

 IMG_3782Part of the #RAWfortheOceans line

So with this collaboration and I’m sure you can imagine the endless fashion possibilities from form of recycling and on to the Gateway store… The store is up beside YDE, a perfect spot for all the boys who are tired of shopping with their girlfriends to do some ‘retail therapy’ of their own. Unfortunately at the moment the store is Boys Only… BOOO! But judging from the responses that they received on opening night there may be girls clothes heading our way pretty soon.

Okay, on to the slightly scary part, yes this clothing is expensive BUT (a big but) the quality is impeccable, this is not the kind of clothing that comes apart at the seams, or develops that curious hole in the butt/leg area. It is hardcore! It is also top of the line, these products aren’t going to age very fast as each time seems timelessly tailored to benefit the person wearing it. The store is packed full of merch (yup, merch = merchandise), on the opening night I was uber uber careful so as not to drop sushi, soy sauce or my appletizer on any clothes until all of a sudden out of nowhere someone spilled wine on one of the displays… well I have never in my life rescued a pair of pants (or three) quicker. Thankfully the store manager came over to ‘clean up’ but none of the other staff were paying attention so I ended up holding the mop and cleaning part of the counter – much to all my friends surprise – I promise I’m a nice person…

IMG_7582Proof that I’m a nice person. Mop in hand and cleaning someone else’s wine off the display.

 Thanks so much to the G-star RAW team & to Vivid Luxury for the invite!!



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