PIZZA HUT is back!

Whoop Whoop! Pizza Lovers of the world unite…

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is back in SA, yip, you read that right the uber yummy, delicious, cheesy, gooey, goodness is back on our fine shores after a very, very long time, and you better believe that if I was in Jo-burg at the moment I would be standing in line to get me some grub!

Pizza Hut Pics-96


How good does this pizza look?

So next time I’m in Jozi I know where I’m eating…  follow them on social media (Facebook & Twitter) and make sure you use the #HowzitPizzaHut hashtag, also check out their menu on the website (It all looks YUM!) and here are some ‘fun facts’ and then the press release…



**Press Release**

Pizza Hut is a globally recognised brand that is full of many “firsts”. Pizza Hut was delivered to the White House for the first time in history in 1989, and was the first item ever to be ordered online in 1994. In 2001, Pizza Hut also delivered the first pizza to space. Now the iconic Pizza Hut brand is being delivered to a pozi near you and South Africans can enjoy the taste of Pizza Hut in the home of Mzansi.

With more than 15,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in over 90 countries, the world’s number one pizza brand officially opens its doors in Honeydew on September 18th.

 The Pizza Hut brand brings all of its global brand value and equity while at the same time tailoring its offering to cater for the unique South African customer. By creating a locally relevant version of the brand, Pizza Hut has customised a unique South African experience, making the global brand more meaningful to its customers.

“Pizza Hut is a global brand with South African heart” says Randall Blackford, General Manager, Pizza Hut Africa. “Our goal is to be a part of the communities we find ourselves in and we are making sure we’re seamlessly interwoven into the South African landscape. We want to treat our customers to something experiential – from our comforting and inclusive store environments to our locally inspired pizza varieties, making sure our customers always feel at home.”

Pizza Hut is for everyone – pizza lovers, families and friends. Whether you are just hanging out in your hood with some mates, or chowing down with your family after a week of hard work, Pizza Hut recognises the importance of value to the South African customer and has developed its menu to include some great savvy deals and party meals that are right on the moolah.

From the get-go, Pizza Hut will offer localised menu options, like Andre’s Boerie Pizza with delicious toppings such as Boerewors, Bacon, Red Onion and Jalapenos. For those who love veggies, their Feta and Roasted Veggie Pizza will definitely be a winner. The brand will also bring its well loved international favourites such as the Supreme Pizza, the Meat Lover’s Pizza, its famous side options and desserts.

“We’re all about choice and great quality, so whether you choose our world famous Pan Base Pizza, which is golden brown, light and fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside or our universally popular Traditional Base Pizza (not too thick and not too thin) you can be sure you’ll get an abundance of toppings and flavours” says Blackford.

Pizza Hut will also offer customers three delicious base sauces to choose from: Peri-Peri, BBQ or Traditional Tomato. The Lekker lunches’ meal bundles will offer a variety of extras including chicken wings, cheesy breadsticks, chips or cinnamon dunkers and chocolate dunkers for dessert.

Whether our customers enjoy eating their pizza at home or at our restaurants is up to them. If they are dining at our spot, they can enjoy our free wifi and if we are delivering to them they can call us or order online and expect hot pizza delivered right to their stoep.

Pizza Hut is a brand with heart and has created the mechanism “Deliver Hope” which will allow its customers to add R5 to their bill to contribute towards feeding people. Pizza Hut believes that by giving young people access to a basic need such as food, it will assist them to achieve their aspirations through meaningful engagement to further their education.

As a first step, Pizza Hut has made an upfront donation of R45 000 to the MES Joshua Programme (a non-profit organisation) which will feed 14 young adults until the end of the year. “We are thrilled to be partnering with MES in this great initiative where we have the opportunity to contribute together with our customers to these exceptional young lives who are willing to grow as leaders and acquire life skills to empower them in furthering their studies and training,” says Blackford.

They will complete the programme having acquired a drivers’ license, basic computer skills, leadership skills and career choice exposure whilst assisting other young people in the community. Pizza Hut trusts that in the future “Deliver Hope” will support other similar organisations to create sustainable hunger relief and that it can create employment opportunities for these young adults.

Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell globally have more than 40 000 restaurants in over 125 countries around the world. “We are confident about the opportunities for the Pizza Hut franchise in South Africa” comments Blackford. Research tells us that Quick Service Restaurants in South Africa are growing year on year, with the number of South Africans purchasing Fast Food growing by 7.5 million in the last four years, and set to grow by a further 3.8 million by 2017. More importantly, pizza is the third biggest as well as the fastest growing option in the take out category.

The Honeydew Village Shopping Centre is the home of Pizza Hut South Africa’s new restaurant. “Honeydew is more than just a store location. It’s about a home-grown feel, a deeper community consciousness and a favourite, familiar authentic neighbourhood restaurant” concludes Blackford.

A Pizza Hut could soon be coming to a pozi near you as the brand plans on expanding quickly. What’s more exciting is that South Africa will act as a stepping-stone into the rest of Africa with expansion already planned for Angola and Zambia.

Come and chow down Mzansi, 100% local, 100% lekker – 100% Pizza Hut!


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