Mani Monday: Jelly Sandwich

Mani Monday
Tiptop and essence jelly sandwich

A while ago I saw a blog post by Thea at Madness Nails about jelly sandwiches, this name intrigued me as I love jelly (the actual gelatin jelly, jelly sweets and jelly as in what Americans call jam). I then forgot where I saw the post and had to message Michelle for the name of the white jelly polish that we get in South Africa, thankfully Michelle being the amazingly clever nail polish queen that she is knew exactly what I was talking about.

I then went out and bought the white jelly polish aka TipTops Cream Puff, I was also given the Essence glitter polish in Circus Confetti that I wanted to use in a #Delishbox from Wendy. The  n I used Cream Puff for a bunch more nail painting sessions and didn’t touch the jelly sandwich until now…. (Muhahahahaha! *cough* ahem, that just felt like it needed an evil laugh)


I painted all my nails with base coat and then followed that with two coats of cream puff, there after I top coated all but my ring finger. On my ring finger I then put a very heaven handed dollop of the glitter polish and swirled the glitter around until I was happy with all it’s placement. I tried to wait the hours necessary to let the glitter coat dry but eventually I gave up and top coated with a single layer of cream puff.
Somehow I managed to be a little heavier handed with the cream puff towards the tip of the nail, but you could still see the glitter through so it was fine. This was then top coated with Seche Vite, and just to be certain it was dry I smothered it in cuticle oil too.

On my opposite hand instead of doing a jelly sandwich I decided to top coat my glitter coat with a matte top coat to try the shimmer less glitter, surprisingly enough I much preferred the jelly sandwich. ( and so did a friend who hated the idea of a jelly sandwich.)


What do you think of the jelly sandwich?? Is this a look you would try??


4 thoughts on “Mani Monday: Jelly Sandwich

  1. Seriously Cute!!! .. LOVE!

    .. I like that you used offwhite, because white-white can sometimes look untidy. last time I tried white on a nail it looked like tippex exploded in my hands. #fail

  2. Hello, I think your nails look just amazing and I look forward to read your next post 🙂 Love your blog layout as well ❤

    Xx julia

    • Hi Julia,
      Thank you SO Much for the compliments, I’ve noticed such a difference in my nails since posting Mani Monday posts so I’ve been really enjoying ‘decorating’ and painting them.
      I hope you are having an amazing day!

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