#Classic Joke Wednesday 8

So, I’ve had a bit of a break from the #ClassicjokeWednesday posts, simply because I have not had much inspiration… but today… I am back and more hilarious than ever… OK, maybe not… maybe just the same amount of hilarity as normal… If you know me you will know that I am able to laugh at myself, a lot, I will pull a funny face, make a joke about myself, do something weird – that I happen to find hilarious, even if others don’t – and more. Well today I want to share with you something that makes me laugh because it is so true! I have some of these things happen to me, I’m sure a few of us do.

Now before we get to the funnies let me first explain, Busty Girl Comics were a daily web comic that ran in 2012, they were illustrated by Paige “Rampaige” Halsey Warren and were a way to vent frustrations and poke fun at something that she joked about with her family and friends, this excitingly turned into more. None of the comics are vulgar and there is no nudity, it is simply illustrating what many ‘busty’ women have been through, the problems AS WELL AS the perks. Now before you say that this is all about only people with big boobs read here for Paige’s actual definition;



[buhs-tee] – if you ever feel encumbered by your chest (if they get in your way, make you feel awkward, cause problems, or even create some perks), you’re busty. There is no “busty line” where one size is busty and the next isn’t. Bustiness is entirely a matter of personal experience.

So now, have a giggle at some of the comics, if you want to read more have a look here.

Messenger bags
This one is my absolute favorite!!! This is forever happening with my button up tops and my messenger bag.
I’ve seen this happening at gym and have friends who even need to double sports bra.
And of course we need to be happy with what we have 🙂

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