Mani Monday: Marbled Nails

Plastic wrap. That sticky annoying stuff your mom would wrap the PB&J sandwich that was in your lunch pox every day, this is not the kind of thing that you would expect to be in a ManiMonday post, but somehow it is.

I had seen a few times on Pinterest, Instagram and on the great old www about a plastic wrap nail but I could never really get my head around the idea. Firstly why, secondly how, and thirdly wouldn’t that be messy? Well I now have the answers to those questions: why? Because it looks petty and is super effective at giving you a marbled look, how? Quite simply ( I’ll get it that now) and thirdly, yes, but no more so than usual nail art can be.

When doing the plastic wrap marbles nails it is best to get everything prepared before hand. You are going to need base coat, two colors (at least, you can use more) tape, scissors, nail polish remover and brush or cotton swabs, a dust bin and plenty of time oh yes, and plastic wrap.

IMG_7421My nails, each nail look slightly different – but they all look amazing together  in this manicure.

Base coat and manicure your nails as usual (shape, clean, push back cuticles, alles), once this is done, paint your two coats of polish waiting for the polish to completely dry between coats. I did two coats of TipTop’s ‘Cream Puff‘. I taped off around my nails while they were drying and started preparing my thoughts and my tools (actually I should have prepared my tools instead I bugged my mom into cutting the ten pieces of plastic wrap that I needed because my nails were wet – so do this step first, cut yourself at least ten pieces of a moderate amount of plastic wrap I used approx one inch rectangle ).

Once your base color is completely dry, and in mean completely dry otherwise you’ll pull the polish off, you can begin marbling them. I took Wet n Wild (Candid Affair) a lovely lavender color and Nubar nails in pink (N258 – Pink Créme), as I was using two colors on top of the white I used the brush to dot these onto my nail, if you are only doing one color you can paint your entire nail with your polish and then proceed to the next step.

IMG_7418While the polish is still wet you then take the plastic wrap, squish it up into a bit of a ball and gently dab it on the wet polish. You may have to dab the plastic wrap a bit but be gentle and be careful that you don’t remove your base color. Rotate the plastic wrap as needed (the clean bits of the wrap work best) until you are happy. If you have taken off too much color simply repeat the process with a bit more polish and a new piece of plastic wrap. Do whatever clean up is necessary for your nails, cuticles etc and viola!

Easy peasey… You end up with nails that look a little weird at first, slightly blotchy and perhaps a little patchy or it looks obvious that you have done some sort of ‘technique’, but after a coat of top coat they even out and look amazing.

I really didn’t think I would like this look that much, I like order when it comes to nails, they must all look the same or symmetrically different (the accent finger, I don’t know if I would ever be able to have more than one accent finger!) I really like how some nails are more purple than pink, some are more pink than purple, and my pointy finger on my right hand is more white… It looks beautiful and original and what is even better is that even if you try to recreate this look you will never be able to get it exactly so.

Now this post wasn’t actually going to be for this week but Michelle at Ordinary Misfit twisted my arm. You see as my nail ‘guru’ she has helped inspire me to be a little bit more adventurous with my nails and has encouraged painting them more than one color 😉 – I still haven’t mastered her forte which is stamping though! I showed Michelle a sneak peek of my nails after I had done them and she let it slip that she has never tried this technique! Well after realizing just how easy this is it blew my mind and I twisted her arm into trying it, so be sure to look out on her blog for that post.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try this nail art out?? Believe me it is 100% easy peasey and looks super chic once you have done it.



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