Dermaceutic Milk Peel: The results


It has been just over a week since I had my Dermaceutic Milk peel and I can see amazing differences in my skin already!
Let me tell you how my week looked…

day 0 aka Milk Peel Day aka Saturday

I went to the doctors office first thing in the morning (yip, 8am!!) and had the peel. I had read up about the peel so I knew what to expect and some of the possible results or effects my skin would go through afterwards, I was very glad that the peel has no social down time so you are not left with peeling skin or a beetroot colored complexion once it is done. I was also happy to be ‘covered up’ with some Oxygenetix’s foundation once the treatment was finished and this ‘masked’ whatever redness I had. After the peel I went to the Cosmo Cover Girl event where we were to have makeup done (eek! It wasn’t planned and was a last minute invite that I could not pass up), and so I told the make up artist that I was not allowed any foundation etc, but I could have my eyes made up a tiny bit of powder and some gloss. My skin didn’t have any reaction to the make up – which I was glad about. I had been warned that my skin may feel a little tight later in the day (similar to how your skin feels when in the sun for a day) but I did feel a slight tightness but nothing too major. The moment I got home I washed the makeup off with Dermalogica Precleanse and Demraceutic Foamer15- which I had been given after the peel. I applied the KayCeutic cream that I had been given and marveled at how fresh my skin looked even with a day of make up.

JaneThis is me at the #CosmoCoverGirl event, just after my Milk Peel with only Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and mascara on.

Day two aka Sunday
I don’t really see much of a difference in my skin, I’m still a little red where I had my brows waxed, I have a little graze on one cheekbones and on my nose (not sure how that happened, and I only noticed it because it was stinging when using the Foamer15). I used the Foamer15 twice (morning and night) and creamed with the KyalCeutic, I’m hoping moisturizing is the key to great face, and am looking forward to seeing if there is a difference – according to my research any after effects (peeling/ redness etc) can last up to a week, so I’m excited to see my skin at the end of the week.

Day three aka Monday
A few days before the Milk Peel I had an eyebrow wax, it seems that between my skin cells being lifted with the wax and the Milk Peel I am peeling above the brows. I also notice some dry skin around my nose area (especially the bottom of it), I know that the HyalCeutic will help this in no time. Surprisingly the two little grazes on my cheekbone and nose are gone, the ‘zit/blemish/thing’ I had on my chin is cleared too- I heard the peel can cause your skin to ‘heal/regenerate’ a lot faster in problem areas so I’m guessing this is the case.

Day four aka Tuesday
Today I noticed something that excited me, aside from some peeling skin around my nose and eyebrow areas, my skin is definitely looking firmer and plumper. I can also see how one of the benefits of the Milk Peel is to do with not wearing makeup/ as much make up, my natural skin is looking hydrated, glowy, and smooth… I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of the week. P.s I’ve decided for the next few days not to set my make up with powder so that I can see the glow throughout the day. I oiled (with Sweet Almond from Rain Africa) my skin after cleansing this pm just to get additional good oils back into my skin.

Day five aka Wednesday
Today is the first time that I did not use the Foamer15 twice a day, I decided to give my face a little break this morning to see if I noticed a difference with my skin, I used my normal Garnier Facial scrub and I very gently massaged this on my face. I was hoping this would encourage the skin to heal a bit more, I’m not sure if it is the reason but I definitely noticed my dry patches on my forehead but the dry patches under my nose seem to be under control.

Day six aka Thursday
Today I very nearly fell into old habits and didn’t wash my makeup off. I noticed a bit more dry skin across my hairline today but above my eyebrows seems to have healed up perfectly. Thankfully I gave myself a kick in the butt and did wash my make up off. I’ve worked out that 2-3 pumps of the Hyal Ceutic cover my entire face and neck, and not does it leave you feeling moisturized!

Day seven aka Friday
Well tomorrow should ‘technically’ be the day when my skin no longer peels and that I should notice any differences in my skin – so I am noticing less and less peeling. I must say the Foamer15 is an amazing cleanser, I use it in conjunction with an oil cleanser first to remove all my makeup, and I’ve noticed that this has helped my skin, I’m still loving the tingling sensation that it gives off and it’s so easy to use.

Saturday aka one week down
My final thoughts, as I’ve already mentioned I LOVE, LOVE Foamer15, I think that it is a wonderful product and once this bottle is finished I’m seriously considering a repurchase. The Hyal Ceutic is also great, I’ve noticed my skin is plumper, smoother, a lot of redness has left my skin (I think this is due to the combination of the Milk Peel, the Foamer15 and the Hyal Ceutic), it is also a great moisturizer, morning and evening and you don’t feel the need to wear any other moisturizer.¬† I noticed today that my makeup is looking smoother on my skin, my ‘redness’ has calmed down a lot and my skin is clear of any problems, dehydration and looking firmer. I noticed that my slight forehead and smile lines have definitely become more shallow and less noticeable.

It is recommended that you do a series of Milk Peels (one every two weeks for two months) and thereafter it is meant to replace your monthly facial. The benefits are numerous and this is an incredibly easy, pain free way to get smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. I’ll definitely be visiting again, perhaps not every month as I wouldn’t be able to afford it, but a few times a year will make an incredible difference to even the worse skin.


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