Mani Monday: #NegativeSpaceMani

I was chatting on Twitter with Michelle from Ordinary Misfit as she is my go-to for anything nails. Mich is seriously amazing at making you feel like you can accomplish every nail art attempt which she does and because I encouraged her to do a negative space mani, she had been toying with the idea of doing one but simply needed the added push. I’m not sure if I pushed or ‘shoved’ her into doing one but she challenged me back by saying that I must do one too! Michelle’s post can be found here.

If you haven’t seen the negative space mani is the ‘latest look’ when it comes to nails and nail art. Basically what the negative space mani entails is the use of polish on selected areas of your nails and having your natural nail shine through in other areas. So you are able to use tape, dotting tools, vinyls, etc. to give your nails an extra pizzaz. Here are my nails (I’m sorry that the photo’s aren’t that great and you can see some streaking and pulls from removing the tape.

the first step

I used black polish for my mani, Revlons Matte Chalkboard black polish in fact – and Michelle you’re right they are great polishes! I decided to try use a few techniques that I haven’t tried before. Firstly I taped off my tips and painted them with the black polish, then using upside down french manicure guides I painted my ‘moons’ – I’m not so sure I liked this part of the look. Deciding I needed a little something extra I took my dotting tool (which up until now I haven’t used) and did a line of dots above the tip of my nail -I think I need a hand with these dotting tools because somehow my dots came out looking completely different from one another. On my ring finger I hadn’t painted my moon soย  decided to try a Kangol Nail art ‘tattoo/sticker/decal/thingy’ and choose one which I thought would go nicely with the black and the dots. Unfortunately the vinyl pretty much fell out of my hand and onto my finger and I wasn’t able to move it higher on my nail, so I had to apply it where it fell- next time this step will use tweezers!

So here is my #NegativeSpacemani… I love the idea of the black tips and think I’m going to rock this look real soon. I definitely need to work on that dotting tool technique! What do you think of my attempt??


6 thoughts on “Mani Monday: #NegativeSpaceMani

  1. I actually really really love this. I think the half-moons really work and your dots are cute! You’re lucky that decal fell in such a good position ๐Ÿ˜›
    Fab job, you make me want to recreate this ๐Ÿ˜€

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