Avon’s Argan Oil

IMG_7213 The buzz word in hair care for 2013/ 2014 has definitely been Argan Oil, from the organic straight Argan oil to the ever popular Moroccan Oil to the Lee Stroble version and more, Avon recently bought out an Argan Oil and I was lucky enough to order it while it was on special for R42, yes, R42!! Bargain.

The oil comes in a great little pump bottle that squirts the perfect amount into your hand for you to run through your hair from root to tip and to thereafter blow-dry your hair into your normal style. This leaves your hail feeling soft, silky and smooth – honestly I feel like a hair model when I use this!
Another way I have also used the oil is as a treatment between washes, I apply a few pumps throughout my dry hair (focusing on my ‘dry’ blonde tips) and brushing the oil through, this also makes my hair soft, silky and ‘flowy’, I find that my hair feels more moisturized and healthier when I use this. I’ve even used this when my hair is ‘oiler’ on days before washing, instead of adding to the buildup of oil I find this keeps my natural oils under control and I don’t seem to reach that ‘tomorrow is hair washing stage’ that happens the day before washing.


This oil has a fruity smell and is relatively thick, it coats my hands as I’m rubbing the oil through my hair and if there is any excess I make sure to rub it on my finger nails and cuticles. Once your hair is blow dried it is soft, smooth and silky with a gorgeous, just stepped out of the salon shine. I like using the oil on both wet and dry hair and find that when I have dry ends between washes this sorts the problem out and my hair is left soft and rejuvenated.

This was definitely a great buy and if your able I would encourage you to get some to spoil your hair a little this winter.


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