Mani-Monday: Essie – Naughty Nautical

A wonderful friend bought the mother load of nail polishes a while back, one of the first polishes that started the spending spree was Essie’s ‘Naughty Nautical’ a stunning nautical inspired (hence the name) turquoise blue color.

IMG_6931I, of course had to borrow this color because it is simply stunning, it is a perfect shade for wearing something blue, but not actually blue. On my nails it had a rather dark green tint to it, but thankfully this did not stop it looking amazing! I love that even though this is called Naughty Nautical it does not look like your typical nautical based color (Royal Red and Blue, and snow white) it is similar to the color that I feel mermaids tails would be (if mermaids were real 🙂 )

As always with Essie polishes the drying time was relatively good, the brush is well sized (meaning Jane didn’t make her entire manicure a mess), and the opacity was brilliant, I could have easily gotten away with a single coat of polish but of course I did two. This was also before I got my beloved Seche Vite but I managed quick drying time using Essence’s ‘Quick Dry’ Top coat and cuticle oil over the entire nail once I had finished too coating.

Let me know what you think of this color, I think it would be great paired with a gold accent nail too!





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