Mani-Monday: China Glaze ‘Neon On and On’

Recently I was lucky enough to get not just the coveted Seche Vite Top Coat (honestly the holy grail of top coats to nail peeps the world over) but I also bought two China Glaze nail polishes: ‘Neon On and On’ and ‘Too Yatch To Handle’ – I’ve heard so much about China Glaze and honestly they are a little hard to find as they aren’t exactly available in Durban…

IMG_7206Sorry! about the bad quality photo this was taken from my twitter before I got them

When I received the polishes I was blown away by the colors, they are simply amazing. ‘Neon On and On’ is a pink neon which has an almost ‘chalky’ look to it, it is STUNNING! On my nails It has the same neon ‘chalky’ look,, this would look amazing in a matte over a matte black. What was great about this neon is that it doesn’t need a white base coat – most neon colors that you get you usually have to do a white base coat to get them to stand out correctly – this almost has a white undertone to it which is why it has that ‘chalky’ effect. The polish was a bit streaky but that was brushed over with a second coat and not further problems. I love this color so much. In fact in so bummed that I didn’t get more colors in this range…


A friend tried ‘Too Yatch to Handle’ and it looked amazing! It’s a darker turquoise/ Tiffany blue color. The best part about it is the fact that her nails did not chip or split for an entire week, yes(!) and entire week, she painted her nails on a Sunday and they hadn’t chipped and she redid her nails the next Sunday – I’m really hoping the same happens with mine but as my nails are weaker than normal this may not be the case.

The only downside I found is that the brush is the small type which I find I’m a lot messier with, but this is easily sorted during clean up once I’m finished painting my nails. I’ll definitely let you know how long this lasts on my nails, and believe me I’m going to be buying some more of this as soon as I can!’


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