Palmers Cocoa Butter Products

So, I’m a huge fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products. Like huge! For at least the past three years I have used their cream, I love it what could be better than smelling like a cupcake?!?!? It also helps that cocoa butter has SUCH great *Miracle* properties for the skin.

Palmers All - Compressed…Just some of my collection…

Anywhooo… They had giveaways on their South African Facebook page previously and I was fortunate to have won the dark chocolate and cherry lip butter. Yeah me! I received my tube of lip butter in the post AND… I LOVE it!!

Lip Butter - CompressedThe Dark Chocolate and Cherry Lip Butter

The lip butter has no coloring so it can be put on before or after lipstick. It doesn’t leave your lips sticky but smooth and moisturized, thankfully it is not overly glossy or shiny… meaning it doesn’t sit on your lips like an oil slick (like the first lip glosses I ever used in school which were more like an oil than any gloss you get now-a-days and we used them as much as possible!!!)  I love that it contains Vitamin E oil, we all know how good vitamin E oil is for our skin so to have it in the lip butter already is such a plus!

I have to tell you that I HATE when lip products are packaged in a pot, jar or tub… There is noting worse than having lip-gloss, Vaseline, jelly, or any product  on your finger, underneath your finger nail and then on clothing or documents because you’ve forgotten about it and touched something. That’s why I love this container, a simple press and enough comes out to coat your lips. I think I will get irritated towards the end of the tube as it gets harder and harder to get the butter out, but that is a battle for another day.

Would I buy this lip butter, yes I would, it leaves your lips feeling smooth, absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky. The fact that it can be worn under or over a lipstick is a plus, I also love that you don’t have to stick your finger into a little pot/jar to get the product out but just squeeze the tube.

Palmer’s products are available at , Dis-Chem, Clicks, Pick n Pay’s, Sparkport and selected Pharmacies. The products range from R20 through to roughly R150.


5 thoughts on “Palmers Cocoa Butter Products

  1. I have always wanted to check these products out and I think they may carry them at Drugstores near me. Might I ask, how natural are these products? Are they a cruelty free company as well? Curious and hope you can help. Thanks and lovely post!

    • Hi Courtnety,
      I’m nnot usre about the Cruelty Free – I’ll have to check the packaging when I get home.
      Palmers Website does have the following description: “Palmer’s uses only the finest ingredients to provide consumers the highest quality formulas at affordable prices. All of our products are hand crafted based on Palmer’s long standing heritage and experience in offering superior formulations that deliver results. This is why Palmer’s promise to its consumers has always been an unconditional guarantee of quality.”

      Perhaps have a look at the products when next you’re in your local drugstore.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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