I need: Leatherdos

I was a Girl Guide, I was also a Brownie… In fact I was usually the Girl Guide with huge cuts down her leg because I was always off on adventures in some form or another. As a family we spent a lot of time camping, hiking, going to Game Reserves, being on the beach, snorkling and getting into all sorts of complicated adventures. I was the kid who flung herself off Foofie slides, climbed rock walls, was the first to volunteer for something dangerous, learned first aid and in true Girl Guide fashion, I was always prepared. As  a young adult I have always had an LED light on my keys and before it was lost a mini Leatherman, I may not have had a nail file but I always had a screwdriver in my desk drawer and a whole bunch of stuff in the boot of my car…

So, why am I telling you this? Well, always being prepared has it’s downfall… It’s not very cute, yes, now that companies have figured out that there is a whole new market in girls merchandise we do get cute gardening tools, pink DIY tools and even floral printed hunting knives, but lets face it the ‘average Joe’ doesn’t have the time, money or space to have all of that at hand and to top it all off it is never there when you need it!

mb851p-360And now enter the Leatherdos, We all know that sometimes you’re stuck with nothing but what you can find on your person or in your handbag to get into or out of a situation and Leatherdos is so easy to carry around, you won’t even notice it.

So what is Leatherdos?? Leatherdos is a hair-clip and tool box all in one… the original concept came from a Jewish person who noticed that his fellow Jews used their Yamaka/Kippah clips for multiple purposes. And so ‘playing’ off this concept he decided to make these clips actually multifunctional in their design, the clip is a:

  • trolley key or wrench
  • ruler
  • cutting edge
  • and three screwdrivers (philips head, small flat and large flat head)
  • and of course, perfect for holding your hair, hair band or Yamaka/Kippah on your head.

leatherdos_tool_hair_clip_01People are also trying to find more uses for this handy little tool. I think this is just perfect, you can keep this handy little tool in your handbag, car, office and the average person will never need anything else. Of course as an always prepared person I NEED this in my life, I already know where to put it, hanging off my carabiner with the rest of my keys! They are available online for $10 – which to me is a little steep, so I guess we will see whether I purchase it or not.



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