{Online Store} Localfair

I love shopping, I’m a typical girl… I love buying stuff… Stationery, beauty products, jewelry, clothes, you name it I buy it… And one thing that irritates me is when I find something unique at a market or at an event and I give it away, only to be left wanting that product! Oh, it grates my carrot. Enter Localfair, ‘the perfect solution for anyone looking to buy unique products that you can usually only get at markets on rare occasions.’


localfair, a new online arts and crafts market, provides the perfect solution for anyone looking to buy unique gifts from the comfort of their couch. The site is designed to showcase beautiful products while providing a powerful link between gift-hunters and small businesses producing handmade, small-scale craft products.

I had a ‘squiz’ at the website and I must admit I am most impressed, there are some great product on this site; these are a few that have caught my eye;

Localfair - Stuff

How cute are these items!!! I’ve literally just selected these at random and you better believe there are plenty more of these type of items and much, much more!.

JanDirk Engelbrecht, Head of Commercial Projects at Media24 Magazines Digital, says, “localfair brings together buyers and sellers and facilitates all aspects of the transaction to make the experience hassle-free for both parties.

While I have yet to order from Localfair I think I will be soon because they have a great range of ‘home-grown’, creative, beauty and craft products that are right up my alley, and what’s even better is that there are bigger ‘brands’ and smaller ‘brands’ that are still starting out all under the same ‘roof’ – there are 400 virtual stores showcasing approx. 4000 items(!) believe me there is something for everyone at Localfair. The fact that you can purchase from several stores at once, pay for all purchases at the same time and await delivery via a courier which is dispatched from the system without any hassle or fuss is great.

Visit www.localfair.co.za for a variety of unique gifts – for a loved one or for yourself!


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