Mani Monday Essence’s Coral Crackle

About two years ago there was a phase in nail art, crackle… I will admit I loved crackle, I rushed out ad bought the first black crackle nai lpolish I could find and then I even bought a few from a UK based make up store.

I was given this Essence Crackle polish in ‘Crack Me! Peachy’ and when I bought the Essence Color & Go polish in ‘Off to Miami’ I knew that these would need to be used together. I figured even though it’s winter here in Durban (pppfffttt! More like Less sunny Summer) that I needed bright nails to cheer me and everyone around me up.

I base coated all my nails and then did two coats of ‘Off to Miami’ on each nail except for my ring finger, on my ring finger I did two coats of TipTop’s Cream Puff. Once everything had dried I top coated the rest of my nails and painted ‘ Crack Me! Peachy’ on my ring finger. Unfortunately I didn’t paint a thick enough coat to get the effect that I wanted but I still loved the look. Once that was dry I top coated and voila… My coral crackle nails were done.

Did you follow the crackle trend?? What do you think of wearing this coral during winter??


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