Pond’s Age Miracle: The Review

Ok, so I mentioned about a month ago that I received a wonderful box from the PR Company behind the Pond’s brand, and let me tell you this box was a little bit of heaven sent to love my skin. In the box was the latest ‘testing kit’ for wrinkles and there stood a problem, I don’t really have any wrinkles but I tried out the test anyway and it is a clever way to try and notice the difference, firmness and plumpness that Pond’s Age Miracle makes.

Pond's Age Miracle RangeNow don’t forget there are 7 signs  of aging:

  1. Loss of radiance: aging skin often starts to lose its radiance and looks visibly dull due to a decrease in moisture.
  2. Uneven skin tone: Skin that is not uniform in color or has more than one skin tone. This usually manifests as darker patches on the skin.
  3. Dehydration: The moisture content of the skin can be tested by gently pinching the skin. Hydrated skin will bounce right back, while dehydrated skin will take longer to fall back into place.
  4. Rough, dry patches: as skin ages, the process of letting go of dead skin cells slows down. This results in a build-up of dead skin cells which can appear as rough, dry patches on the surface of the skin.
  5. Pigmentation: Pigmentation is more concentrated than a general uneven skin tone. It manifests as a single dark spot/ spots in a specific area.
  6. Loss of firmness: As one ages, the skin replaces its cells at a slower rate, resulting in fewer skin cells in the upper layer of skin. As theses cells are less tightly packed, the skin loses its visible firmness.
  7. Wrinkles: These form due to a decrease in the density and elasticity of the tissue that supports the surface layer of our skin. As this becomes less elastic, the upper layer starts sagging inwards and little folds form.

I was lucky enough to receive the entire range of products for a true ‘cleanse, tone and moisturize’ routine this included; the facial foam and toner,  2 x Day Creams (one for combination to oily skin and one for normal skin), a night cream, the dual action eye cream, the Serum, and 2 x BB Creams in Chocolate and Beige.

On to the first step of your skin-care routine – Cleanse – the Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGen Facial Foam is perfect! I am a believer in the fact that your cleanser should cleanse, you should be able to almost feel it stripping the day’s dirt and residue off your face from the first bubble that it starts to foam with. This definitely does that, it woulds into a perfect lather and gently helps to fight the signs of aging through gentle micro-exfoliation.

Next up – Tone – I’m really not one for toning, most people have a preference about whether to tone or not, I wish that was my reason that I don’t tone but honestly I mainly forget because I will go from washing my face in the bathroom to then applying some Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize and then when getting to my room will only remember about toning. Jip, I’m a dummy but I have used the toner a few times and it doesn’t seems to dry your face out.

And finally – Moisturize – of the two face creams that I was sent I much prefer the pump action one for combination to oily skin – even though I am more combination/ Dry skin. I love the pump action bottle as there is no mess, no fuss and no lid that needs to be put back on the container. After using the normal skin day cream I can say that this is a thicker formula to the other and is also very moisturizing, I guess it is just down to personal preference and what you prefer to use.  On to the night cream, we all should know by now that we shouldn’t be using the same cream for day and night use as each cream has a different purpose, day cream is to moisturize your face during the day and will usually provide an SPF in it’s formula, night cream on the other hand is usually chocked full of vitamins and minerals to replenish the goodies that we loose through the day.

On to the serum and the Eye cream – the extra moisturizing step –  The serum is magnificent, it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and silky similar to how y skin feels once I’ve put a primer on but more moisturized. It melts into your skin like jelly and has a slight (very slight) sparkle to it so it leaves beautiful highlights on your skin – It’s only noticeable because you can see the shimmer on your hands once you have applied it. The Dual Action eye cream comes in two sections, one section for the upper eyelid and another for underneath your eye, I will admit I did not use these very much but they are very moisturizing and I noticed a difference in the moisture levels of the skin around my eyes.

In my review of the first Pond’s BB Cream I mentioned, I found the original formula a bit too dark for my skin tone. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the coloring of the Beige Age Miracle BB Cream was spot on and it didn’t oxidize on my skin. The BB Cream, seemed to melt into my skin tone and offers a light to medium coverage with an SPF sun protectant – perfect for a day at the office, or when you need to cover up but you don’t want to look completely made up. There is also a great radiance from this product and I find it leaves my skin with a dewy glow. As I am not a chocolate toned person the Chocolate toned BB Cream went to my friend Janet at work who loved it but mentioned that it was slightly dark even for her skin, but she mentioned that she would still continue to try to make it work for her.

Thank you so much to the PR company and to Pond’s for sending me this lovely, lovely box of goodies, I am most impressed and will be purchasing some of these when these current ones run out…


2 thoughts on “Pond’s Age Miracle: The Review

  1. I love PONDS, I use their Flawless Radiance but may have to switch to this soon. The big 25 is coming

    • I’ve loved this range. I’ve also got the Gold Radiance range which I’m using at the moment – and surprisingly I feel the age miracle is better on my skin…

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