Mani Monday : Malvala Polishes

Dischem had a huge beauty sale recently and some of the Malvala polishes went on sale for R29.99!!! Yes half price, unfortunately colors were limited and I promised myself to only buy three, that didn’t quite work out so well and I walked out with a few more than I planned on buying.


On to the polishes, I’ve done my nails this week with a grey named ‘Metallic Grey’, and a lovely yellow named ‘Lemon Cream’. I loved using these colors together and if I had the time (and the ability!) I would have loved to have painted my thumb nail in a black and white checkerboard pattern, it would have completely suited this look. The polish is great, the formula is light and applies smoothly, I had heard a lot about their drying time and how quickly they dried and the proof was in the pudding as my nails dried quickly and easily with no smudging.

The formula was slightly streaky, but two coats gave a beautiful even finish and covered up any possible problems or streaks. This was a thinner brush style brush which I battle to paint my nails nicely with, but if you are able to balance your weight on something it makes life a to easier. I found that I had very little clean up to do with this polish and any spills that I had were easily cleaned with my remover and brush.

The mustache that I added to my ring finger nail is from Essences 3D nail art pack, it is so cute, but to me it may be a bit too thick to keep on a nail, it also will possibly lead to a few problems as the edges stuck up off my nail bed. There was nail glue provided in the nail art set, but I didn’t use it and simply used a top coat to quickly keep it on my nail, later I removed it and put it back in its container for future use.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for some more special offers and some other colors in the Malvala range as this polish is great, it also has impressive staying power.




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