Review: The Body Shop: Body Sorbet in Satsuma

I’m a sucker for anything that smells delicious… cookies, flowers, Cinnabon, baking bread, yummy smelling roasts, and of course beauty products. The Body Shop (TBS) has come out with a range of body creams called a Body Sorbet, these have been launched in the UK for summer and we lucky punks don’t need to wait any longer as they are already in stores! Yes, they are already in stores… BTW how cute is this promo picture for them below??


 Now when I first heard that these Sorbets were launching I thought that they were actually a body scrub/wash (it probably helped that I saw a picture before seeing a review), I totally didn’t realize that they were actually a cream to rival our all time favorite Body Butter. That’s right, these creams are the new ‘rival’ to Body Butters, these have specifically been launched in summer because TBS listens to its customers and realized that we needed something with a lighter touch in the warmer months… I know I can’t apply Body Butters in Summer here in Durban or else I feel like a little ball of humidity for the day, so these are the cream to use in summer instead of a body butter or a less luscious cream not from TBS…



Let me get you in on a little secret… these body sorbets are the bomb diggity… not only do they have the classic delicious smelling Body Shop scents that we know and love, but the formula is amazing as it is more gel based it literally melts into your skin leaving you with a stunning smell and super soft skin. It’s fresh and fruity (or flowery in the Moringa scented option) and will make you feel like you need a pina colada and a bikini for around the pool. I love mine in fact so much that I’m tempted to try use it on my face but I’ve heard that the Vitamin E Face Sorbet is the most amazing face cream/sorbet ever – I’m dying to try it! It is on my next TBS shopping list. Have you heard about these sorbets?



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