Dirty Works: You Soft Touch Hand Cream

The number one reason why people don’t apply hand cream… or at least the number one reason I don’t apply hand cream… oily, wet, moisture that seems to never soak in to your skin… yip, you know the feeling, you’ve tried a cream on your hands and an hour later you still wring the moisture off your hands.

TitleI will also admit that my ‘toiletry-hoarding’ self got this hand cream probably close on a year and a half ago… possibly even two… but I needed to use up other products, and I bought like three bottles as well so…this post is not quiet overdue

All you need for silky soft hands! With moisturizing Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil it’s sure to leave your hands feeling super-silky and non-greasy!

This hand cream does still seem to take a while to soak in (and by that I’m talking seconds not hours) but it is not half as bad as many other products I’ve tried. What is also really great is that the hand cream doesn’t feel ‘watery’, sometimes you purchase a cream and it seems to just turn into water on your skin, this cream actually feels soft and leaves your skin moisturized and soft.

I keep a tube of this at my desk at work and after application I am able to type and use my mouse without worrying about a ‘residue’ being left on  my keyboard or mouse. It also instills great confidence to me because my amazing pink haired friend… Ordinary Misfit, swears by this cream.

Since I’ve bought my cream the packaging has changed and IMHO it is much cuter now! It’s still available at Clicks so if you are needing a hand cream or if you love giving nail polishes as pressies, pop a little hand cream in too.


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