Ponds : BB Cream

I’m going to be honest with you…. I’m about as pale as a snowman even in the midst of summer tanning bonza’s. It’s not that I don’t want to tan it’s just that I don’t want skin cancer… so I don’t go into the sun too much and when I do I smoother myself with SPF30 or 50 -the higher the SPF the better – after all a girl needs to keep her skin looking good and freckle free.

So as we have established my eternal shade of pale, let me tell you about the Ponds BB Cream; I for one love this cream, I love the coverage, I love the tinsy tiney little nozzel on the bottle, I love that a tiny amount spreads around your entire face, I love the smooth and even feel of my skin afterward, but what I don’t love is that the Fair (the lightest shade on offer) is still too dark for my skin! Can you handle…
I thought that I could push through and continue to use it but and that’s a big BUT, I end up looking like a post-nineties W.A.G (soccer Wives and girlfriends) with a self-tan or a tanning bed problem… aka orange… I’m not sure why this seems to be so ‘orange’ on my skin, perhaps it is oxidizing on my skin or perhaps it’s simply too dark?

So how could I love it if it makes me look like a ‘Jersey-Shore’ cast member?? Well I love the coverage it has a light to medium with emphasis on the medium side of coverage, so a little goes a long way. The bottle has the teeny of tiniest little nozzles meaning that you don’t have to use much product, I wish there was a tiny nozzle like this on some other products because it helps you to lightly apply rather than slather your makeup on. The price! All us girls living on a budget (and those without) are able to afford this without breaking the bank, and it is reliable with Pond’s being the brand behind the product we know that we can trust them with our skin, our skin problems and now our beauty, they have been around for years and Pond’s as well as this little product aren’t going anywhere.

So how do I use it if it’s too dark for my skin? Well I have several foundation/ tinted moisturizer products that I absolutely love; some are nearly running out (I’m talking about you color correcting green primer from Woolies), some don’t have great coverage, others have amazing coverage but are slightly too light, (you know that in between seasons face color stage… yip, I’ve got a foundation for that!). So what do I do? I mix them together and apply, my SPF 15 day cream gets a squirt, my Ponds BB Cream gets a squirt, my color correcting green Primer from Woolies gets a squirt, my Yardley CC Cream (which I adore!) gets a squirt and depending on how much of the Ponds BB Cream I use… my Borjois Healthy Mix in Vanilla gets a squirt. This mix of these different product seems to create one of the nicest ‘bases’ for my skin, it suits my skin perfectly and, I get color correcting goodness, that beautiful ethereal glow and major coverage… I know, that this isn’t the ‘nicest’ way of having to apply make up, after all who really wants to have to master concocting a perfect shade for yourself every day but, this is a great way to use products that are running out, too dark or light, or that don’t offer the coverage you like. After all a BB cream is meant to be the first step in your morning foundation, we simply skip out a few stages and use it as a tinted moisturizer.

So have you ever had to ‘MacGyver’ your make-up? What was your trick?


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