I need to point something out, and this has been bothering me for a while so I think that it’s fine time that I address this issue… The color grey shows sweat more than any other color IN THE WORLD. Case in point… Mark Wahlberg in ‘Transformers – Age of Extinction’…


Yip, that is a picture of one of the ‘hottest’ actors around, wearing a grey shirt and showing, gulp, sweat marks… I’m pretty sure as well that he’s only worn the shirt of this shot of the movie which is probably a few minutes long… It’s not like he’s had a full gym routine in the shirt.  I’ve always felt rather adversely to the color grey, it’s not even really a color is it?? Isn’t is a tone? Also, how exactly do you spell it… is it grey or gray? I’ll stick with grey with an ‘e’ because that is easier, but this honsetly has to be the most complicated color that we have…

Anyway it’s not just this one scene in a movie that makes me think horrid things about the color grey, one of my favorite things to do at gym is to ‘name’ people according to their looks, clothes or characteristics, I would never call them by this ‘name’, and they are not necessary all bad. There has been skinny-dipping lady, as her swimsuit was the same color as her skin and she seemed to be nude in the pool, there is Mauritian 80’s Spinner, whose name was actually Otto and he lead a hell of a spinning class, there is ‘must-be-a-teacher-guy’ as he was always greeted by the high school kids training in the mornings before gym. And then we get the entire ‘species’ of people called the ‘I don’t notice that I’m wearing grey and everyone can see my sweat’ group, now when I’m at gym I sweat, sometimes I sweat buckets (I prefer to sweat because I feel like I’m really working hard when I do) but there is a difference between sweating buckets in a white/ black/ blue/ yellow/ red outfit and sweating buckets in a grey outfit.

Any other color looks slightly wet when sweating buckets, you might find that there is a bit of a gathering of moisture under your arms, at the small of your back or any other place that sweat might congregate, BUT in grey you are left with a T-shirt or pants (yip, pants too) that look like they have been thrown in a pool, they could have gone through a washing machine and come out looking dryer than some of the grey clothing articles I have seen at gym. And yes, people in grey pants, everyone can see that puddle… yuck! – so don’t sit on the bike/ rowing machine/ floor or pretty much any weight-lifting machine or you look like you’ve wet your pants… which you kinda have.


Now here is the greatest, and possibly weirdest part of all of this, (a friend and I were having this discussion after I told her about the above movie scene) WHY do clothing brands keep making gym clothes grey??? They all know that this is what happens with the color grey (and if they don’t then… I just don’t know!?!?!) and yet every year there is an over abundance of grey clothing for gym goers… I’ll admit I fell prey to this, I own grey shorts that are for gym, but I wear them as Pj’s… but seriously… this problem, totally real, and totally not #firstworldproblems but rather #sweatygreyproblems


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