National Cookie Swap 2014 – ready, steady, bake!

Hey guys,
if you’re a South African reader and you are free on the weekend of the 2nd of August please think about attending this great event.
I won’t make it unfortunately but I would have loved to be there, in the mean time though Faye, Nicola and Michelle will take very good care of you and will be spreading the cookie swapping love.

The Sparkling Labyrinth


Yay it’s Cookie Swap time. This is the fourth year since Cookie Swaps inception and the second year that Cookie Swap has gone National. For those of you new to the concept, Cookie Swap is the brainchild of Ishay Govender-Ypma from Ishay is a well known food and travel writer, she says:

The idea is to create an opportunity where bakers can gather in a fun, relaxed environment to share their efforts. We try to highlight the work of a lesser known NPO or skills organisation to this group of social influencers. In this way, bloggers and their friends can lend support and make a financial contribution, particularly towards other women.

Cookie Swap is a fund raising initiative that gives bakers and cookie monsters alike the opportunity to swap homemade cookies, spread cheer, go home with a stack of treats all while contributing to social empowerment.



If you missed…

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