Shield Clinical Protection Deoderant

SO… I haven’t seen many people review the ‘new-ish’ Sheild Clinical Protect deodorant which offers 48 hour protection. Now, let’s be real… We all sweat, many of us are heavy sweaters and fewer people are light sweaters, in any case everyone NEEDS to wear deodorant. No, seriously people you really all do need to wear deo… for your own sanity as well as those around you.

POTY Shield

Now I’m going to be real with you, I’m a bit of a heavy sweater, being a relatively active person this contributes to my choice in deodorant and I look for the best protection option to suit me. Usually I’m a Mitchum or a Dove deodorant user because I found their protection lasts a bit longer than other deodorants, but since I’ve been using Shield Clinical Protect I am super impressed! I’m even more happy since it has been voted one of Unilever/ Shield’s product of the year – yip, it’s not just me that loves it.

You are ideally meant to apply the deodorant at night and while you sleep the formula actually gets to work. Now I thought ‘huh? at night?  but what about your morning shower ?'(I’m a morning shower kinda  person.) The formula actually lasts through your shower the next morning, even through a good scrubbing and an under arm shave… and you don’t need to reapply after you’ve dried off. Now given this is a weird prospect that I’m probably not going to get the hang of relatively soon because if I was to not apply deodorant in the morning I would forget to ever apply deodorant and then we may end up with a smelly Jane. (yuk!)

Anyway I decided in the name of… well writing this review that I would try both options, using it at night as well as using it in the morning and let me just tell you no matter when you use it you still seem to be as fresh as a daisy the next day… even after that morning shower. Now I’m not saying that your underarms are still going to smell like deodorant after your shower, you in fact just smell of what ever soap you are using but later that afternoon… you don’t smell, in fact even the amount you sweat seems to lower a lot using this deodorant. When I do use the deodorant at night, I find that a spritz of Shield in the morning from my aerosol more than makes up for the lack of feeling that I have deodorant on.

My one problem with applying this deodorant during the day is that as a cream based formula it has the chance of ‘sticking’ and marking your clothes more than marking your PJ’s while you’re sleeping – everyone knows that deodorant marks are so not on – right? Another con for me is the price tag for the deodorant it is roughly R60 which I’m super hesitant at paying simply because I always buy my deodorant when it is on sale but I think with how great this is and the lasting formula that it is worth me paying it – even when it’s not on sale!


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