Mani Monday: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels

So I mentioned on the blog last week that the reason I’ve been so quiet is because I have been playing tourist with my German bestie and thereafter she shared some of her airplane sickness germs with me. Usually being sick is great because it’s a time that I blog, schedule and scheme behind the scenes, this time that didn’t happen I just needed a break from everything, so in other words I’m back and will be posting again this week… Oh and you might love me but my bank account doesn’t because I’ve done some shopping to review on here.

First up we have Turkish brand ‘Golden Rose’s Jolly Jewels Nail Lacquer’ – what a name! I found these in Clicks in the Pavillion while playing tourist with my friends and they were so cute I had to have them. I wish I had checked the price first because they were R60 each which I find rather expensive when compared to Essence, Tip Top and Sinful Colors, which are also better known brands. But there wasn’t a price tag and I took the plunge…


I bought two colors 115 – a crelly multi-colored, shaped and sized glitter coat that looks like a speckled egg, a very colorful speckled egg, and 105 – a lavender purple crelly with large green and small purple glitter, that isn’t too far off the Barney colors. What is a crelly you ask? Well I had to google it after seeing it on a blog a while ago, a crelly is a creme based jelly polish, so the formula is quiet sheer but it looks gorgeous when on your fingers.

Ok, on to my application – I committed a cardinal sin and I painted this over base and top coated nails already, I was going to leave my nails plain but I couldn’t resist the speckled egg effect and after all what girl can truly resist glitter? I tried painting three thin coats on some of my fingers and loved the way it came out, but this also took way too long for my impatient self and so I decided to do one to two thicker coats and just sit very still, an impossibility for me AND this nail polish seems to take forever to dry! Also I didn’t have a top coat with me so I didn’t have the benefit of a top coat and quick dry spray/ cuticle oil to work in my drying favor, thankfully I didn’t have too bad smudges and if I did then the glitter worked in my favor and covered it up. 😉

I look back and wish I could start again because the three thin coats really did look a lot nicer than the thicker coats, also it was painted thinner so the chance of chipping was a lot less probably with the thin coats, all in all I painted my nails on Thursday evening and I don’t think that they chipped until the next Tuesday or Wednesday, which is ages for me! I will warn you that removing this polish is a mess and you do need to do the whole tinfoil soak off so as not to ruin or damage your nails, other people, like me, might choose to ever so slightly budge the glitter off with a wooden cuticle stick but this also relied on a lot of soaking first, and that is also not recommended.

So what do you think? Isn’t this glitter, color combo stunning?



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