For Good Times

So I mentioned that we received the AMAZING ‘For Good Times‘ book from In Good Company as part of our goodie bag at the Etsy Craft Party. Now let me tell you about the book…


I love hosting events, the reason why I don’t host many is because they absolutely exhaust me. I love having everything perfect,and how I want it and picture it and unfortunately I believe most people won’t do something how I like it, so I don’t delegate. Can we say #micromanage?? I at least can admit it, but I love events to be relaxing, fun and different and that’s why I put a HUGE emphasis on them.

For my last two birthday parties I have gone SUPER DUPER overboard on everything. I had a Ice-cream pool party where people had to bring a topping for some ice-cream but I also went out and bought way way too many toppings and so they were used for another party and then given to a church youth group to finish off. My last party was a Breakfast pool party – yes, my Birthday is in summer and I have a pool load of lilos, pool noodles, beach balls and water pistols, and I froze the leftovers (bacon, sausages, muffins, rolls) and they lasted an extra 3-4 months after the party. And not just the food is overly done, I do decor, plan drinks, plan happenings and sometimes forget to have fun myself.

I know that sounds to people like a major overload and it slightly is BUT I do love doing it. I also love In Good Company, I trawl their online store on a monthly basis and drool, whine and cry when there are things that I just can’t buy! I love, love, love their blog and seeing what new ideas, products and happenings that they have going on. And so this leads me to their book, this past Christmas I first saw the book and knew that I had to get it at one point or another, I didn’t get it for Christmas and I was surprised and excited to receive it from the Etsy Craft Party.


How great is that tagline?? Within the book you will find everything you need to ‘get the party started’ using great resources from In Good Company. There are 12 party plans (one every month) all themed, with inspired ideas, easy DIY crafts, simple recipes AND printables!!! (I love me some printables!). These theme parties are great, there is the perfect amount of mix for kids and adults so much that each event could be used for Baby showers, pamper parties and of course Birthdays.  Here’s a sneak peek…

Front Page 1  Ice Cream CakeNutcraker InviteFun and games

Uhm, how gorgeous right?? What excuse can I find to throw a party???


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