Classic Joke Wednesday 6

Wowza! 6weeks of classic jokes have gone by quickly… I’m not going to lie there have been a few days where I have groaned about having to do the post, but as it’s about spreading a little bit of love and laughter I’ve ‘forced’ myself to carry on… So now we go on to this weeks #ClassicJokeWednesday

Instead of doing an actual old school classic joke, I have chosen to highlight one of my favorite sites EVER! I am a super animal lover, I have two cats (Tilly and Petra) and three dogs (Roxy, Java and Lacey), each of the animals has their own character and I always find something to laugh about, from Petra curling in a ball and then looking at me with her golden eyes that remind me of velocorapters or Lacey who thinks that greeting you by giving you a kiss after she’s eaten someone’s poop (usually the cats)… whoops! Side tracked.

Anyway I absolutely LOVE Cat versus Human because her illustrations are SO TRUE!! I can totally picture myself becoming her one day when I’m married and have animals, for now I still feel like her but a not married, not in her own home version. Have a giggle below and then be sure to check out the site here: Cat versus Human

5596901433_790a0d50eb_o Come Here 2 Just FedImages are from


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