Product of the Year box

I unexpectedly received the Unilever Product of the Year Box last week. I wasn’t expecting a parcel so when it arrived at my parents work I told my mother that she could open it… Now, I wish I hadn’t there’s something about receiving a box and then opening it, the excitement, the pretty packaging, knowing it’s all for you, it’s just great.

2673Sorry for the grainy picture!

Anyway, on to the contents of the box, these products have all won Product of the Year and let me tell you there are some great one’s. In fact when I saw one of the products I nearly kissed it because I love it and haven’t managed to purchase more…

On to the products,

POTY Pond's GoldPond’s Gold radiance
This rage has been specially formulated and infused with real gold microparticles (uhm, hello! Gold!) and each product is designed to renew your skin, reduce pigmentation and ensure luminosity and a younger looking and feeling skin. I can’t wait to try these I’ve been drooling at them since they were first launched and I, so glad that they have been recognized as a product of the year.

  • Facial Foam
  • Youth Serum
  • Youthful Glow Day Cream
  • Youthful Reviving Eye Cream
  • Youthful Night Repair

POTY Pond's ColorPond’s Perfect Color Complex Naturals Range
These products are simply packaged in green colors, I love the fact that they are green! They have been developed as a skin cleaning regime to wash away dirt, remove oil build up and black headsails leave skin feeling refreshed, clean, clear and looking even toned and naturally radiant.

  • Gently exfoliating Facial Foam
  • Toning Lotion
  • Day Cream

POTY ShieldShield
Ok, I love this product a full review will be coming soon, but let me say quickly I have never felt so strongly about a deodorant in my life. These Shield deodorants use a unique blend of skin moisturizing ingredients to prevent sweat and irritation. Let me just say, I can hardly find them on the shelf in Dischem and Clicks – that’s how popular they are, so be sure to get one you won’t regret it.

  • Clinical Protection – Shower Fresh
  • Clinical Protection – Ultra Dry

POTY VaselineVaseline
Oupa! This is a ginormous tub of Vaseline, I’m planning some beauty DIY’s with this guy because it’s so big. Basically what’s so special about this product is that it is the first germ protection jelly in SA. It keeps 99,9% of germs out and moisture in.

  • Blueseal GermSafe Healthy Petroleum Jelly

And for the guys…

As the amazing sister that I am these products have been given to my brother and he will be writing a mini review for any guys who are interested.

  • Axe – Apollo
  • Vaseline Men – Anti Bump Moisturiser

So look out for some reviews in the next few weeks. I’m currently loving the Pond’s Age Defy that was in my past box. What do you guys think of the ‘different’ look?? I’m not sold on the bright blue so I’ll have to ‘tweak’ it, I’m just trying something different so let me know what you think??


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