Mani Monday: Essence & LA Girl

alright, let’s be real.  When I wrote about Smith’s Bakeshop here I made you think of a cupcake and sprinkles… right?? That cute little mini faux cupcake on top of the pink butter-cream topped cupcake… Yip, I’m still drooling. But in order to keep our waist bands the same size with out having to add in extra gym sessions how about we try and emulate a cupcake on our nails??

That’s right, todays Mani Monday is pink has sprinkles and WON’T increase your waistband but will make all girls be totally envious of you, kinda like they would be if you at a tray of cupcakes in front of them wearing a size 32 pant…


Now down to the nitty gritty… I used two polishes during this mani, aside from the obvious base coat and top coat. I used Essence in number 106: Free Hugs. I love Essence, that thick brush that I started off hating has become my bestie more and more with each mani, the color payoff is amazing and they last really well for a cheap polish. The shot below is actually a quick two thin coats of Essence on all but my ring finger and as you can see, no streaking, no problems, great color. In all honesty this color reminds me of My Little Ponies and what’s not to love about that?

Then onto the sprinkles… On my ring finger I painted one coat of the Essence and thereafter two coats of LA Girl Color Pop in GNL805- Birthday Cake. And that is honestly what it looks like… Sprinkles on a birthday cake. Birthday Cake is a creme glitter and is a perfect nail effect for anyone who just wants to jazz up their nails a little with minimum effort i.e. Me.  The brush is the slim style of normal nail polishes and I did find that I needed to paint two coats to get the glitter effect that I wanted but I didn’t need to swish it around the nail to ensure it was covered. True to a typical multi-color sprinkled cupcake this polish contains different sizes, shapes and colors of glitter to give it the 100’s and 1000’s look.

So I love it, I actually hunted this nail polish down after seeing it on Ordinary Misfit (her post here) and Michelle even offered to keep an eye out in Dischem for me until I got it. What do you think of this polish? Is it something that you would wear??



6 thoughts on “Mani Monday: Essence & LA Girl

  1. I am so stoked you found it. I am still looking for one to add to my biiiiiiig giveaway but I have so much I am not too fussed if I don’t find it anymore.

    It’s a gorgeous one though. And free hugs might be one of my favourite pinks ever. It also stamps like a dream. Can you believe it? It’s perfect. I need to crack open my third bottle so I should probably get another backup soon.
    I love these two together!

  2. I love that cupcake style nail! There was a Nails Inc collection awhile (Sprinkles, I think?) that was meant to give the same cake-sprinkles look… I was bummed I only managed to snag one of the colors I wanted when Sephora clearanced them, but the one I have is really pretty.

    Your nails always look so nice!

    • Hi Mairi, wow! Thank you so so much, I wis my nails always looked stunning but most of the time I’ve had to repaint them as the polish has chipped.
      Yes, Nails Inc did do sprinkles in a few color options, I remember a pink and blue but I think there was a purple/yellow as well, I’ve actually got a mini bottle of the pink that I need to try.
      Thanks for your comment!!

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