‘Fun in the Sun’ Cookie Class

So about a month or two ago a friend (Natalie) and I did a cookie decorating class with Marina from Tea, Cake, Create. It was a blast, Marina is seriously talented and her classes fill up über fast… She had sent a new class schedule to us two days before we attended our class and by the end of our class all but three classes were fully booked.

I’m sorry,  I didn’t take any pictures of the class in progress, I’m not sure if I’m talented enough to try and pipe icing in a straight line as well as take a picture at the same time… In fact if you see my icing work you will realize I’m definitely not talented enough! So upon arrival Marina has tea and coffee set out and a collection of goodies that you use in the class for sale, piping bags, tips, cookie cutters, food coloring, etc. Once everyone arrives you gather around her amazing kitchen and Marina demonstrates the techniques that you are going to use in the class, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, flowers, dragging and pattern techniques etc. From here you take a few of the example cookies and hit the tables outside with your box, icing and tools at the ready.

We were each given a beer box with 12 cookies in it (each class does between 10-12 cookies depending on technique, shapes etc) and told to be wise with our time and our use of icing – we didn’t want to be too heavy handed or to not have enough drying time.  After trying my best, and attempting to be patient (if anyone knows me patience is not one of my best talents…) and letting the icing dry I think I got some of the hang of it… although funnily enough the cookie that I decorated last was the messiest cookie ONLY because I was in such a rush to get it finished and had such a hand cramp after trying to squeeeeezeee-ah that remaining icing from some of the piping bags.

Let me just say, I have been an avid reader of Sugarbelle for about 1000 years, seriously this lady is amazing and Marina is the South African equivalent… but man do they have some serious talent and ability… it is actually so difficult to pipe a straight line, never mind a few curved lines for a beach ball or some straight ones for a t-shirt or pair of shorts…

So… here are some of our classes cookies…

All Marina Jane Cookies 5 cookies_Edit


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