Mani Monday: Essence 101 Dalmatians Glitter Polish

Ok, all of us girls love cute- don’t we?? Puppies, pastel colors, ombré photos, old-style sweets (think colorful lollipops and the like), My Little Ponies and more! So when Essence came out with the 101 Dalmatians Glitter polish I knew I HAD to have it, what I didn’t know though was how on earth I was going to wear it!

And so eventually I decided I wanted to do it as an accent nail and definitely on a white color base. So I pulled out my LA Girl Matte White, this polish is great, although the brush is a little slim and so I take longer to do my nails to ensure I don’t mess everywhere! I did my base coat with Nails Inc’s Caviar, two coats of LA Girl and once those had dried I painted my ring fingers with two coats of the Essence Dalmatian Effect.

First let me touch on LA Girls Matte White polish, I’ve had this for a year plus, but I see that it is still available in Dischem. The polish is slightly thin and can seem streaky but when you’ve built up your coats you get a wonderful white matte. Now it seems that no polishes (unless it’s a matte top coat) give you a 100% matte effect, this really didn’t matter as I applied my Nails Inc. Caviar Top Coat over the nails anyway (I did apply that a little too thick and so I had a slight pinky sheen to my nails too.)

Now on to the Dalmatian effect, I must say, this polish is pretty thick and you do need to swish the glitter particles around a bit to get the effect that you’re looking for, by my how cute it looks! I’ve seen people using this polish over colors as well, they did a single coat it is still looks pretty but for the effect I wanted I had to apply the polish thick and move the glitter particles around.

IMG_6404I’m sorry about the fuzziness of this pic!  

I loved it! My nails lasted for what seems like ages and it looked so cute! I did have one con though… This polish is terrible to try to remove! I had to soak my nails and try pick off the glitter without ruining my nails. I did get it all off, without any damage – thankfully! But that is the price of wearing a fabulous glitter polish.  I’m definitely keen to wear it again!



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