Ponds Age Miracle

So a wonderful PR company sent me my first blog package (or blogage/ blokage – I can’t decide) of stacks and stacks of Ponds Age Miracle products. I’m very easy when it comes to skin care, I am happy to use cheap products and they work because my skin doesn’t have many problems, but we all know that skin (especially the face) starts to age and show age from your late twenties to your early thirties. So what better time to use age protection products than when you start to show your age?

20140614-142653.jpgĀ How amazing is this parcel! I’m currently testing all of it so keep an eye out for reviews in the next few weeks.

I’ve never really thought about age protection products because I always thought I was young enough to get away with it… But in two years time I’ll be thirty(!) and it may be too late at that point to start then. According to Ponds researchers there are seven signs of aging;
1 Loss of radiance
2 Uneven skin tone
3 Dehydration
4 Rough, dry patches
5 Pigmentation
6 Loss of firmness
7 Wrinkles
Eeek! These are some of the reasons we think of when we are young as reasons why we don’t want to age. The best way to combat these signs of aging is by using great quality products, I just want to share here that a quality product does not have to cost an entire months salary, it can be as simple as a shop bought cosmetic, it’s basically what bests works for YOUR skin.

I must say I have been so impressed with this Ponds line; I’ve used the cleanser, serum, dual action eye cream, day cream and night cream. (Reviews of some of these product to follow in the coming weeks). So I hope you keep an eye out for the reviews!


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