Mani Monday: NYX Matte in Rose

I don’t know about the rest of you but I love having matte nails so I was very excited to see the NYX Matte nail polishes front and center at my local Clicks. I know everyone loves a black matte to do the stunning effect of a matte nail with gloss tip french manicure (that has been all over the Pinterest for years). I already have a black matte polish so knew I needed to choose a color, they did have a limited amount of colors available; greens, blue, yellow and brown, I choose the gorgeous Rose – a dark pink/red mix – I only realised this was their red choice on offer about a week latter when I found the pink color in this collection.


As usual I based coated my nails BUT as this is a matte polish I didn’t put any top coat on – this would have defeated the point of the matte effect. I also ‘stole’ Charlie’s (a friend from work) Revlon nail polish to do an accent ring finger – this Revlon polish was a scented, glitter called ‘Fizzy Pineapple’.

Something quite funny happened after I painted the glitter coat on my nails… About two seconds after painting my nails I went to show Charlie what they looked like. She went ‘Oh!’ And reached out to touch my nail and at the same time, I went ‘No Charlie!’ A split second too late as my polish was smudged. Lets just say I had my unimpressed face on because of that… any way thankfully it was nothing another layer of glitter couldn’t hide. (Glitter it hides a multitude of problems!)

So what do I think of the nail polish? Well the color is great, the matte still has a slight sheen to it but is definetly not a gloss polish. I didn’t like the brush, it was the thin style brush and this makes painting nails a lot longer and messier a process – or at least it does for me. It lasted a good couple of days even without a top coat so it is a nice option to wear during the week and thankfully no staining!

I still really like to polish and will definitely wear it again, it is such a nice color that Two friends at work borrowed it to paint their nails! So by that standard… We have a winner! This range also comes in a Tweety Bird yellow that I’m thinking might be a next purchase.



2 thoughts on “Mani Monday: NYX Matte in Rose

  1. That colour looks great on you! I have the yellow and it is actually one of the nicest yellows I have. Colour wise but mostly application wise. You can borrow it before you buy if you like? Just lemme know 🙂

    • You’re too kind! (And I feel like you’ve read every single post now 😉 )
      I’ve been suckered by a whole bunch of other polishes at the moment so I need to try those out before going back for the yellow.

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