Smiths Bake Shop

Everyone loves cupcakes – right? I mean who wouldn’t love a mini cake that is beautifully decorated, fits in your hand and utterly delicious? It’s even better when you haven’t made them yourselves, no one enjoys cleaning up the kitchen, getting flour everywhere and burning their attempts at deliciousness, so why not buy them.


And so that brings us to Smith’s Bakeshop is a delightful business that is a common feature at Shongweni and iHeart Market, they offer a range of flavors and have mastered the art of the cupcake.
As their Facebook page says: ( their website is currently under construction)

Smith’s Bakeshop has been baking cupcakes and taking names since 2008 and specialises in providing custom cupcakes for any event. Taryn bakes her cupcakes herself from scratch using the best quality ingredients and this shows and is tasted in her end product. Place your order with Taryn and judge for yourself. 🙂

I’ve been very lucky to have tasted their cupcakes at several events that I’ve been to; #DBNbloggermeet and the Etsy Craft party. These cupcakes are delicious, and well worth buying, they are moist, fresh and tasty. The buttercream icing is beautifully silky, smooth and the perfect amount of sweetness.

Vanilla cupcakes with rainbow buttercream from the Etsy Craft Party

For the sake of the blog I went to Shongweni Market and bought a few cupcakes to try… 😉

I purchased four delicious cupcakes;

Vanilla with pink buttercream and a peanut butter cup disguised as a mini cupcake,

Black Forest with cherry jam centre and whipped cream frosting,

Almond and coconut cupcake with granadilla cream cheese frosting,

I’m not sure what the last one I had was, I thought it was a mocha chocolate cut it seemed more a coconut, chocolate cupcake with a salted caramel drizzle.
All delish and lip smackingly good, definitely worth the calories.

Make sure you pop by their stalls at Shongweni and iHeart market, and follow them on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Smiths Bake Shop

  1. One of the best cupcakes I have EVER had was from Smith’s Bake Shop. Would go to Shongweni just for these!

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