Events: Taste of Durban!


Yipppee! Pick ‘n Pay’s  Taste of Durban event is coming back in JULY! I missed the event last year and I was super bummed. So when I saw that Groupon had a special on tickets I knew I had to buy then, a day later a friend messaged me saying ‘we HAD to go!’ and so my ticket was bought.

With world class restaurants, chefs and produce, Taste of Durban is a sumptuous, indulgent foodie day out. (Website quote)

Taste of Durban

So what is Taste of Durban?

8 of Durban’s best restaurants fashion special menus of started sized dishes, including some of their best known dishes, as well as some of their most elaborate  for an incredible alfresco dinning. There are top chef’s doing cooking demos throughout the day as well as giving advice. Boutique exhibitors, artisinal produce and more! You are able to sample, shop and watch to your culinary hearts content at this events.

So what restaurants are going to be there? Café 1999, Havana Grill & Little Havana, Greedy Buddha, Freedom Café, Amaravathi Palki, Market and Beluga. I’m excited because this line up is superb! There are several places on here that I have wanted to try for a while now and just haven’t had the chance, so I look forward to trying them all at once.

There is also a whole lot more going on, so be sure to have a look at the Taste of Durban website.

The festival has allocated time slots for you to attend; Friday 25th July from 6pm -10pm,  Saturday the 26th at either 12:30pm – 4pm or 6pm to 10pm and finally Sunday the 27th at 12:30pm – 4pm. Tickets are available either as the Groupon or if that runs out through the Taste of Durban website, where they also have a bunch of Early Bird specials as well as VIP tickets.  As I’ve bought my Groupon ticket already I will be attending the Saturday 12:30 time slot.

Another point to bring up is that the restaurants at Taste of Durban don’t accept cash money… they only accept the festival currency – Scoins. There is a ‘Taste Bank’ as well as Scoin Sellers walking around for you to purchase your currency, you will use this currency to purchase the sample dishes and drinks from the exhibiting restaurants, bars and exhibitors. I’ve never used a ‘scoin’ before but it ‘retails’ at R5 each and dishes range from 4-8 Scoins (R20-R40).

If you like food then Taste of Durban will definitely be the place to be this July.







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