Event: Etsy Craft Party Durban

On Friday night I was fortunate enough to attend the Etsy Crafty Party which was hosted by Nadia van Der Mescht , Nadia is an amazing Creative consultant and has been in the Durban blog scene for years. Her blog has always been a dream of mine, she has great content, stunningly designed photos and have you seen her snail mail packages, well those are simply out of this world!


Last year was the first Etsy Craft party and the only one in South Africa… I missed it by a couple of days which was super disappointing as even though I haven’t crafted on the blog yet, I do classify myself as a bit of a creative. So this year when Nadia tweeted about the Craft Party I knew I had to stay tuned and act quickly when it came to buying tickets. I thankfully booked my ticket before the event sold out, which it did in days, but thankfully my buddy for the evening was able to still get a ticket at the last minute due to cancellations.

The theme for the evening was Recapture: Bringing New Meaning to your Photographs and this was again the only Etsy Craft Party in South Africa. Tickets were R100 which included snacks, giveaway, goodies and of course the craft, we were to bring along a photograph, scissors and glue. The venue was The Upstairs, the event venue above Spiga Dora in Florida Road, thankfully it was a warm and welcoming venue for such a chilly night!

20140608-184141.jpgOur gorgeous book sponsored by In Good Company

Upon arrival Nadia greeted us at the top of the Stairs, we were offered cupcakes and Bos Ice Tea and Given For Good Times the party and event planning book that In Good Company has published. Wow! This was an amazing goodie, it is valued at R300 and it has been on my wish list for months. We choose our seats at one of the many available tables which were decorated with glitter, washi tape and some delicious goodies.

The display table with stunning decor and some of the prizes.

When Nadia started the evening with the official welcome she read out a long list of sponsors who had assisted with either crafts, goodies for us attendees, or prizes. Some of the sponsors were;
In Good Company
The Upstairs
washi bug
Nifty 250
Smiths Bake shop
My Cherry Blossom
Bos Ice Tea
Madame Macaroon
Skinny La Minx
Toast Stationery
iHeart Market
And plenty more ( I’m sorry to any one I left out, I couldn’t type as fast as Nadia was listing off)

We were then told what we were doing, we were using the papers, stickers, washi tape, embellishments and ribbons provided to ‘redecorate’ our photos, this included mounting them on either paper, board or fabric and then decorating them. There were a few examples done by Nadia and some of the other bloggers at the event to serve as inspiration for our master pieces. Thereafter we were told that pizza was on its way up, and to have a look around at the crafty bits and pieces available. We were of course told to play nice, and also not to ‘pocket’ the washi tapes as these were to be used at another event later in the year.

Some of the inspiration pieces by the other bloggers.

Unfortunately instead of just looking most people started to take their crafty bits before the pizza headed up the stairs, this meant some people got more choice then others, but there was still plenty to go around. We then spent the rest of the night decorating our photos and chatting to the people at our table and the tables around us.

The table decor and our delicious goodies.

It was an incredibly fun, entertaining and crafty night, the only down side was that I unfortunately didn’t win one of the stunning prizes that were on offer. If you are slightly crafty, or even not crafty at all, you should definitely make and effort to join in next year.

A big thank you to Nadia and all the sponsors for an incredibly enjoyable evening.

My finished project, a favorite photo of mine, my father and I when I was younger.


6 thoughts on “Event: Etsy Craft Party Durban

  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! I had serious fomo when I went onto Instagram and saw all the awesome pics.

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