#ClassicJokeWednesday 2

Hey hey hey! (Read that like a stereotyped 80’s sitcom character…) it’s time for another chuckling #ClassicJokeWednesday, be prepared to laugh, chuckle, giggle, possibly slightly wee a bit, roll your eyes, slap your thigh and groan at this weeks bustling joke.

If you haven’t gotten the idea from the above description, I kinda want these posts to be like Christmas cracker jokes… Everyone knows them, everyone agrees they’re lame but (funnily enough) everyone still merrily laughs, well be prepared because this week is a good one!

image source: the great wide inter-web</em

Haha, I love that joke, it honestly gets me every time… If not here is a bonus one (which is a classic and all time favorite of mine);

A guy walks into a bar.

P.s. it’s a play on words…


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