Dermalogica turned 20!

So I was lucky enough to be able to book a slot for the Dermalogica 20 year celebrations in KZN. Yay! Everyone knows Dermalogica is the brand to beat when it comes to skin care, now I’m not going to lie, I don’t own and Dermalogica products (except a small sample pack from the Bloggers Who Bless meet on the 24th of May), I haven’t even had a Dermalogica facial at a salon – something that will be rectified soon!


So we ( myself and a friend), booked our slots… Communication wasn’t really a strong point with what was happening on the day, we had supposed that there would be a group of people who were together for eats, a talk about Dermalogica and some handy make up hints.

Instead once we arrived we were invited in with balloons and Champers, told to help ourselves to the yummy snacks provided and to make ourselves at home in the Dermalogica office. While we settled we decided to fill out our personalized detail cards, we had to detail our skin regime, products we use and and why.

Thereafter we were taken in to the treatment room for our Face Mapping (R) Skin Analysis. I was รผber blessed to have Lauren doing my analysis, Lauren is one of the Head Trainers at Dermalogica, I kind of wish that I had problem skin to make her work a little hard but I have normal combination/ dry, Lauren was amazing! She spoke me through what she was doing, using and why all the while making me feel relaxed and at ease.
I, of course, respected the ‘spa rules’ and didn’t take any photos during the analysis, not even a selfie(!), instead I lay back, closed my eyes and silently started snoring. I’m only joking, I didn’t snore but I did have to stop myself from doing that relaxed humming sigh thing that usually happens when you are about to turn into a puddle of relaxated human.


Once our analysis was finished Lauren brought me over to the product wall! It’s is beautiful, each and every product available for purchase and with testers available, in case you would like to try anything else. Dermalogica had lots of specials for us, one was if you spent over R500 you would receive your ticket price off your product, another great special was the up-size on cleansing and moisturizing products, if you purchased a 250ml than you would get the 500ml product at the 250ml price- I’m sure you’ll agree that could lead to some amazing deals!


I settled on what I wanted to purchase and ‘hit’ the snack table while waiting to have my make up done. Delish mini caramelized onion tart/quiches, apple and vanilla cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting, mini locs and bagel (cream cheese and smoked salmon bagels), fruit kebabs and chocolate ganache and butter-cream cupcakes – great catering by Olive-a-Twist ( I think that’s how it’s spelt – I’m sorry if it’s not).


There after I joined the Nixon girls for my make up make over, what sweet sweet girls they were. I profusely apologized for any possible smoked salmon breath I might have and quickly shoved a peppermint in my mouth (see why it’s important to have mints?). The girls were using Dermalogica’s Tinted Cover Up, this comes in two ranges; Sheer Tint (which was mostly used on my skin) and Cover Tint which is a tint with more coverage. I must admit I over heard the girls mentioning that the sheer tint was incredibly sheer and although it felt like there was a lot of product on my face when I looked in the mirror I was surprised. The make up was classic and great for everyday wear and I was my face felt like it was able to breathe.


After we were done we grabbed our goodies bags and thanked everyone for the great morning. Our goodie bag contained the PreCleanse product sample and a Dermalogica facial at a salon in the area, so you see, I will be getting a Dermalogica facial ๐Ÿ˜Š.
Again thank you to Sadhna and Lauren and the rest of the Dermalogica KZN team, I had a great morning and look forward to the future Dermalogica pampering.


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