Online Magazine: Crush – Issue 40

So… Most foodies will probably have heard about Crush a divine, free online magazine (sorry!) Award winning  food, drink and lifestyle publication. It comes out monthly and I honestly love when it pops up in my inbox and I always make time to drool over the pages on my computer or my i-Pad. (See issues here)

Crush Issue 40

The publication/ magazine is great, it is completely interactive with recipe options to download, advice of what drink to pair with your meal, restaurants to try, what the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets and decor are, and so much more! To get the magazine you have to be a subscriber, but they don’t rash your inbox so subscribe.

For the 40th Edition the magazine is ALL about GUYS! (hopefully now my brother won’t complain that I don’t include anything for him on my blog…), from beer, to braais, to the best chefs of the moment it is all in here… including a D.I.Y. Shaving Foam recipe… (ja, that probably won’t be cooked up in my gym but the Bacon Jam… Well I’m counting down the days till I make that.)

I love looking through the different options for recipes, there is also a great range of articles and the recipes are rather friendly on the pocket too… I hate when I look through a recipe book or foodie magazine and it needs the most expensive products… not everyone can have Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson budgets after all… Some of us are Rachel Rays and the people eating at the Dinners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Another great thing about Crush is they are earth friendly as the publication is only available online…

Have a peak… You’ll subscribe… and if not we can eat bacon jam together…

Mid Week Meals Pasta La Vista


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